Works and Client List( Audio and Video I have done)

This list is being worked on (under construction )
But here is my iMDB until I get it running correctly

A Recent Client , CNN Asia . A Travel Promo for JAL Airlines
Featuring Matthew Goulding : Author of – Rice,Noodle,Fish
Scroll down the page for the Video
CNN Asia

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 18.44.54

Here is a Video I shot and Edited for a Friend of mineo Hitomi Ito who is a Kimono Master. She teaches in Tokyo and Models for Magazines .


Here is a Video for a truck company I did all Location Sound on


This is a Post Processing job I did for Maida Hals ,  it got hosted in Nat Geo .
“Besos un Zocalo ”

This is a Video about a Local Shrine in Ikebukuro area of Tokyo , I did all VO , and Interview portions of Sound for this beautiful piece from Yoroshiku Japan


Tokyo Marathon for Abbott World Marathon Majors  ( Location Sound for all Interviews)



Location Sound – ADR on location , and Post Noise removal from the Office Scenes , from Image Mill.

Location Sound of parts of the Japan portion, A Very Memorable week of my Life

Teaser – KAIZAN Rhythm and Bamboo from David Neptune on Vimeo.

Video Shooting , Music , Editing and Production

#Yamathon2016 from Tiny Bird Productions on Vimeo.

Location Sound on Indoor Scenes

Gnee – sports day from imageMILL on Vimeo.

Location Sound and ADR for Second voice

Gnee video 1 from imageMILL on Vimeo.

On Location Pictures of Products , and Editing
Music by Kevin Macleod

Interbee2015 Media Tech Trade Show from Tiny Bird Productions on Vimeo.

Impromptu Interview at Tech Show . Only Mic was on the Camera
Shot and edited by me. For RODES corporation.

Rode Wireless at CP+ Yokohama from Tiny Bird Productions on Vimeo.

Short Commercial for Australian Shipping Co.
All Location Sound , and ADR on Location for VO

Kickstarter Video for a Craftsmanship Documentary .
I did Sound and Video , All of it.

I was Videographer for this DVD
Arrias DVD.jpeg