Services Offered

Here is a Basic List of Related Services Offered by TBP (Tiny Bird Productions)

And my iMDB

I can also Host Live Music from your Band on the Internet Archives ” Live Music Archive”

I am a Location Soundguy /Boom operator , that has a Studio Background , and I am available for International projects , if Travel Provided by Production . Good for longer gigs  Do not give up when tensions on set arise or crew has other unforeseeable issues .
Feature Film work and Documentary is my Love and passion . Will travel for it .

Besides that , Below is a list of what I can do for you locally :

Corporate Commercials Sound and ADR on Location

( Example is this Nikkei Asian Weekly Review)  I did the sound on this .

Film Audio Post Processing

Audio Product Demonstration Video ( In Exchange for the Product or appropriate fee)

Video for your Website in English or Other Language with an Actress or Actor Spokesperson .

ADR and Voiceover recording with Video Monitor playback

(Picture of ADR session from 2016 from the Award winning Film “SOAP”


Audio Noise Reduction ( In the case of a Voice or Sound  Recording that was less than Optimal )

Video Cleanup (Sound Issues in the Video ) up to 1080p resolution or Lite Data 4K

Mastering for a CD , Or Digital Release ( Mainstream Audio Compression and iTunes Ready formats )

Foley or Soundtrack for Digital Books

Location Recording ( Boom Mic , and Recorder ,2 Wireless Basic Kit)

Business Conference, Boardroom  Recording ( Multi Microphone ,) for Archive and Legal purposes

If you have Ideas that Need explored please feel free to discuss them with me ,We can exchange files Via DropBox from anywhere in the world,  My Gear list page is ever expanding and capabilities expand with that as well . I am confident that I can help your Business or Idea work better as far as the sound is related . And as we All know , A Good Video with Bad Sound ,……. well …. I don’t need to say anything else .


5 thoughts on “Services Offered

  1. As a TV News Producer and an international broadcast journalist, I have worked with many sound men in the art of electronic news gathering. Few have displayed the knowledge and sophistication about the field of audio as has Thomas C. Deane. In a recent corporate communications video project, Deane had to take on the shooting of the video as a one-man-band in an emergency situation. The video was to be sent to me for final editing and mastering. When I finally received the recording I was surprised to see that the amazing work of three men had been accomplished by just one professional. It was clear that his knowledge and experience went way beyond the craft of audio technician. Not only was the sound on both cameras pristine and perfectly miked and recorded on the interview subject, the video framing, angles and lighting were spot on. On top of that, Deane conducted and directed the interview as well as any producer/director/correspondent that I have ever come across. He made my job a piece of cake. I would choose him as an all around crew member of any production I’m involved in at any time. You can rest assured that here is a man that has the skills, experience, qualifications and dependability to get the job done while providing comprehensive winning solutions under any circumstances. I’d use him again in a heart beat. You’d do well to do so, too. And although we have yet to meet face to face, I consider him to be a friend and a guy you’d want to have a beer with after a hard days work, no doubt.
    Malcolm W. Adams
    Japan Journal
    (Formerly CBS and CNN)
    Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

  2. Being kind of new to the world of sound recording (mostly doing video stuff), Thomas has helped me figuring out how my sound equipment work – multiple times. Since we live on opposite sides of the planet, we haven’t worked together, but if I ever find myself in Japan, I definitely know who to call!

  3. Just an hour conversation with Thomas has saved me days of research. He is a well of knowledge, and now I know who to go to for anything related to sound for my VO work.

  4. Nice atmosphere, chilled and relaxed but overall it was a very welcoming place where I could just concentrate on the recording and have fun the same time. Well done! I’d come back again for sure.

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