Tiny Bird Productions Gear List

TBP card

Location SoundRecording  Services

Based in Yokohama Japan.  You can Contact me Via

Email (strungup66 at gmail dot com),

Equipment List

Audio Bags:

  1. Petrol 607 with Dual Clip on external pockets for Wireless Modules
  2. Porta Brace MX302
  3. Porta Brace Video Shoulder Bag with arrangeable interior

Stereo Mics and Sets

  1. Rode NT5 x 2  ( Stereo Set )
  2. Oktava MK-012 Matched set with 3 Capsules Hyper-cardioid, Cardioid, Omni ( Thank you Sergey)
  3. Sony ECM-957a Stereo Balanced Mic
  4. Beyer Dynamic M58 x 2 ( Matched Set )
  5. Sennheiser MKE-44p Stereo Balanced Mic
  6. Audio Technica AT-8022 Balanced Stereo Mic
  7. Audio Technica AT-822 Stereo Unbalanced Mic

Dedicated Mono Mics

  1. Rode NTG3 , Shotgun Mic For Boom Miking
  2. Rode NTG4+, Battery Power and 48ph with High boost
  3. Rode NTG2 , Shotgun Mic for Boom or Camera
  4. AKG C747 Miniature Shotgun for Clamping to spaces and SFX
  5. AKG C214 For Voice Over and Studio Recording
  6. AKG  P420 Multi Pattern mic
  7. Studio Projects LSM – Black version
  8. Lewitt 240 Authentica . ( Haunted by a voice )
  9. EV Blue Raven ,Large Diaphragm Dynamic
  10. RODE Lavalier (x 2) with Furry Windstopper
  11. RODE SmartLav+ with Furry for iDevices

Wireless :

  1. Lectrosonics M185/CR185/ End Plug – 3 piece Kit for boom and camera hop
  2. RODE Filmmaker Kit W/Lav
  3. Sony UWP-V1 Kit
  4. Sony UWP-D11 Kit
  5. Audio Technica System 10 ATM-1701/L

Recorders and Computer stuff :

  1. Zoom F4 with Time Code
  2. Tascam DR-680 MK2
  3. Tascam DR-701d
  4. Roland R26 ( Also acts as an Interface)
  5. Tascam DR10CS with Both Sennheiser and Shure adapters ( For Lavaliere)
  6. iMac 27 inch , with dual Thunderbolt ports
  7. Mac Mini Server with dual 7200 RPM drives
  8. External Firewire 800 WD 2 TB Portable HDD
  9. Firewire 800 , 1 TB external drive 7200 rpm
  10. 4 TB USB3 , Storage Drive divided A/B  for Video and Audio storage

Interfaces and Field Mixers:

  1. Sound Devices SD-442   4 channel Mixer/Preamp for Front end control .
  2. Sound Devices SD-302 Mixer/Preamp for Front end control.
  3. Sound Devices USBPre2
  4. SPL Track one ,  Model 2960 Mic pre/ Channel Strip
  5. Focusrite ISA One Stationary Preamp for VO and Recording
  6. HOSA Little Boy 6 Channel + 2 TRS Breakout Box ,9 meter cable


  1. Slik  (My Short Boom) 1.6 meter Mono Pod inverted w/Mic Adapter Hard Mounted
  2. Rode 2.1 Meter Boom with internal Routing
  3. Carbon 3.2 meter Boom ( Main Boom used for Location work)
  4. K&M. 4.6 Meter Fiberglass boom for Lightweight mics and spot positioning
  5. and Various Home Made Booms using Japanese Fishing poles for Weight (Very Light)
  6. Boom Clamp and Stand for Long scenes and Interview settings .


  1. ESI   Near 05 (NearExperience) Bi Amped , 70 watts per channel
  2. Presonus Monitor Station V2 with Talkback mic built in .

Camera* ( Sold the BMCC and will upgrade in the future)

  1. Canon EOS-M3 , With EF Lens adapter and good glass
  2. Aftermarket Lenses for the EOS-M3 as follows.
  3. Canon FD 50mm Prime F1.4,( This one TOO! )
  4. Sigma EF 18-55 F2.8
  5. Canon EFS 18-135mm Image Stabilised Zoom lens ( Silent Motors on this Lens)

Software :

  1. Final Cut Pro X (on the Mac Mini and the iMac)
  2. Da Vinci Resolve 15
  3. Studio One Professional 3.5
  4. DSP Quattro
  5. Izotope RX 4 Advanced for noise reduction
  6. Wavelab 9 Lt
  7. SoundSoap  5


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