Sennheiser MKE-44P Review

Review: Sennheiser MKE-44P Stereo mic .

Ok first , let me state this , This mic is not a Quiet Mic , don’t expect it to be . BUT …..( chimes , drum roll , something cool sound effect or two in there)

As I type this , it is in a Blimp with Fur , on a Mic stand out in my Back yard . Coming thru a Shure FP33 , Channels 1&2 Panned hard L/R .

The Stereo separation is just slightly understated but Natural sounding , unlike the AT-822 which is a Much Quieter mic Noise level wise , but also has a Much Wider stereo image (120º vs 90º of the Sennheiser MKE44p .

If you turn up your preamp gain you Will hear the Mics self noise clearly . Steady smooth charactered White Noise that at lesser gains will blend in with surrounding sounds well enough to not be really noticeable . But it is there .

Tonality : a bit thin but easily EQ’d to match a desired thought without a drastic adjustment . The Frequency response shows on its chart , A low end rolloff beginning around 200hz taking a 10 db slope down to 40hz .
Here is the thing , EQ rules , You can’t bring back what isn’t there . In this case though it IS THERE , just weak , so Reversing that slope in post by Half as much will yield a fairly rich sound . If Needed of course.
On the FP33 ( for those of you that know the Mixer well enough ) I have the Master Gain at 3/4 , The Input Gains at just over Half HP just over Half maybe 2/3 . Headphones are Sony 900st’s

Mic is outside on a stand and I hear a fair representation of what is going on Birds , Traffic , distance , Far and Near sound separated and not as Echoey as I thought they would be . Moderate Spread , But definitely not superwide .
Slight very subtle hiss that isn’t bright white noise , it is more subtle and round . and You notice it more the first couple of minutes before your ears start to adjust to the sound , then you don’t notice it as much after that.

Would I use it in a Quiet Room , for Dialogue or other delicate sounds ….. I don’t think so , I have better mics for that.

Outdoor Ambient for Documentary work , YES I would use this .

Major Plus is Low Handling noise as the Body design is Polycarbonate or some other Composite or Aluminum Zinc or something , It actually feels pretty good .
It is Very Lightweight . So it doesn’t add too much to the Boom at all .
In the Blimp wind is not a problem . Even out of the Blimp it seemed to be much more resilient than other more sensitive mics I have .

Best uses , Medium , to Medium Loud sounds . with Confidence , Nature sounds with very careful Gain control Just kissing the Edge of its self noise . Super quiet Nature sounds = NO ….
Water Falls , Streams , Lively areas , Birds etc , yes I will use it .

Festivals , and Concert stuff , Oh Yeah I can do this . As I mentioned before touch the EQ of the Bottom end to just bring it back into focus , and your good to go .

I posted this review as there are practically none on the web

RATING for this Mic from Amateur to Pro category .

Amateur,………………………………|||……..|…..||…………PRO. ( could have lower Noise floor, and I would be Happy with it )


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