eLicenser Sucks balls

I have uninstalled , Reinstalled , Uninstalled Reinstalled so many times now it isnt funny .

“The eLicenser does not appear to have been made on this machine ”

Ok wait ,…Uninstall it using YOUR uninstaller , Then Download a new DMG , Install it and get the same crap all over again , 30 -40 effing times , Just to try and get Wavelab 9 to work ………..

Steinberg . ;    I am more than a Little disappointed ,………. I want to rip someones head off . I Buy a Product , The comes with the Download link to your Software , and Cannot use it , because of YOUR elicenser software keys .


What do I have to completely wipe my machines and change the HDDs to get your License keys to work ????? Seriously WTF ?


If that is what I have to do I will , and I will video document it and send you a Bill for the Time lost in My studio .    If fact I think I will just do that .


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