#United Airlines Breaks People

Not just Guitars ….

UA , these two initials , have very different means to different people .

Say U.A.  to an Audio guy like me , Universal Audio is what immediately comes to mind , With a Smile as well , as it is some of the Good stuff we Audio people love . ( Just think Abbey Road here for the uninitiated )

But now …. Those two letters ring a different emotion out of me .

United …… Know this . I will Never Fly you Unless there is just no other option . And if I do have to book a ticket it will be only with the Agreement of Rebooking Crossed out and Noted by a Ranking Authorized person in the Airport.

What you did , and allowed to be done , was absolutely disgusting , unconscionable , amoral , and stupid .

I don’t care how big your Business is , People Live … They Exist , and they have the right to revenge when wrong is committed against them .
Imagine United Workers becoming known to people walking the streets who like you Have no self control?  Imagine YOU ,CEO getting out of your car one sunny afternoon and 3 thugs who Knew somebody who knew the Asian Dude ( doesn’t take much of a connection , No Kevin Bacon numbers needed)   But here are 3 Thugs who are just tired of getting shit on by the system …… And they see you ……… Welcome to your own world . Mr CEO .   You wealth does not protect you . It imprisons you.

You Owe ,……. You Owe so much more than you can possibly realize to the 46,000 people a year that get kicked off of your planes . But Can you possibly even grasp what you Owe to that man . Whom you Beat and Battered and Dragged off you plane like so much chattel .

People Make your business work . No People , No Flights , No Planes , Pretty fucking easy equation .

CEO of what ?    You have no honor , you have no morals .  Go into Banking instead , I hear Wells Fargo is looking for people like you.


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