So In need of……

I need a Longer gig , a get up every morning or working late into the evening , on location , with the crew , no need to go home , Stuck there , just go , and go .

Feature film …. or good Documentary …  Just call me.  I’m Waiting.


eLicenser Sucks balls

I have uninstalled , Reinstalled , Uninstalled Reinstalled so many times now it isnt funny .

“The eLicenser does not appear to have been made on this machine ”

Ok wait ,…Uninstall it using YOUR uninstaller , Then Download a new DMG , Install it and get the same crap all over again , 30 -40 effing times , Just to try and get Wavelab 9 to work ………..

Steinberg . ;    I am more than a Little disappointed ,………. I want to rip someones head off . I Buy a Product , The comes with the Download link to your Software , and Cannot use it , because of YOUR elicenser software keys .


What do I have to completely wipe my machines and change the HDDs to get your License keys to work ????? Seriously WTF ?


If that is what I have to do I will , and I will video document it and send you a Bill for the Time lost in My studio .    If fact I think I will just do that .

An Appropriation of Thoughts on the FP33 Field Mixer.

Shure designed this Mixer 20 years ago …………( I could stop there but , That wouldn’t be any fun would it ?)

Is 20 Year old Tech , BAD Tech …… No ..

I recently acquired a Pristine , Shure FP33 Mixer, and in just the first few days , I made it a point to test almost every mic I have with it , and Different Levels of Power and Power sources .

This is how you know what works and what doesn’t .

Pros :   I like the Mixer ……… ( what ? You want a full dissertation? ) Oh , ok .. fine here……
Variable power sources ( Voltages between 12 – 30 on the box , I would stay under 24 to be safe)    Get above 12 to be happy , It Likes about 15 Volts best .
3 Inputs with actual PAN controls instead of LCR switches . ( OHHH Let me count the ways I will use this )

Halfway decent HP driver ( A Little Noise but not what ends up on the recording .)
The Heaphone noise is Misleading as the recorded files were actually pretty clean coming from the main output .

Adjustable Output Limiters ( and they work) I pushed them a bit to see .

12 V and 48 V Phantom switchable . ( as well as T voltage if you set up the DIP switches) which means Lower Voltage mics that will use 12v phantom will save you Precious Battery Juice !

Built like a Tank….. I mean like if this was in my Backpack and I was assaulted , 1 good swipe across the attackers noggin with my Backpack would end it.

Balanced Outputs Switchable between Line and Mic . And they are clean

Okay the Bad stuff now
CONS:   The Sonic quality Varies with the Voltage supplied .

Yes , It does .   At 12 volts from either my folding Solar panel with regulator , or Wall Wart there is some Noise in the signal path , Not Much , but the Sound quality is a little Closed feeling But still Very Very useable .
When I stepped up the Voltage to 15 Volts the Preamps Changed considerably , I mean a Seriously Childish Grin spread across my face with a Stereo mic attached and I could hear how much the sound-field widened out and the clarity increased . Which tells me that the Circuitry is probably running on at least a 15volt Dual Rail Voltage supply being run thru a conversion from the Voltage input stage. Go Above the Rail supply voltage conversion isn’t needed the machine breathes better .

Non Locking Power Connector ( Hirose connector may be in its future I will see if I can Mod it )

It has Somewhat Sharp Edges , don’t just throw it in your Backpack , You wont like the rips you get .

Is it a “Sound Devices” (Brand) level of Sound ?   No , it is not . Is it a Bad Sound , NO definitely not . I love it .

But in Searching for a 15 volt Wall wart I have found a great many Obstacles for that quest ( Like , They don’t exist kind of obstacle ) or at least are not easily obtained , and with the right Plug to match the Pins on the FP33 .

For Field work,  you use Batteries , a 15 volt supply is easily made with the right number of Batteries (10 x AA = 15 ) .   The Wall Wart , though , I may have to build it ( Not a problem I can do that with a Nicely Filtered Better than factory ever thought about type of supply)

All in all , after I round off the edges a little . I have to say this is not a Bad Purchase at all , It will serve me well . ( It sounds way better than the RME Quadmic preamp I had , ( I sold it …. just nowhere near enough gain )

Oh and the Slate Mic …… Actually sounds much better than the on on my SD preamp

Stolen Gear

Fellow Audio guy , Location sound , Entire Gear set stolen from his car .

A List of Equipment and Serial Numbers for all who would help .


This is seriously a Life’s work , The Audio gear on this list is incredibly expensive to replace , and it constitutes a crippling of someones ability to work . And Attention and watchfulness that could be given will be appreciated , Contact the Owner by the email listed on the Picture.

#United Airlines Breaks People

Not just Guitars ….

UA , these two initials , have very different means to different people .

Say U.A.  to an Audio guy like me , Universal Audio is what immediately comes to mind , With a Smile as well , as it is some of the Good stuff we Audio people love . ( Just think Abbey Road here for the uninitiated )

But now …. Those two letters ring a different emotion out of me .

United …… Know this . I will Never Fly you Unless there is just no other option . And if I do have to book a ticket it will be only with the Agreement of Rebooking Crossed out and Noted by a Ranking Authorized person in the Airport.

What you did , and allowed to be done , was absolutely disgusting , unconscionable , amoral , and stupid .

I don’t care how big your Business is , People Live … They Exist , and they have the right to revenge when wrong is committed against them .
Imagine United Workers becoming known to people walking the streets who like you Have no self control?  Imagine YOU ,CEO getting out of your car one sunny afternoon and 3 thugs who Knew somebody who knew the Asian Dude ( doesn’t take much of a connection , No Kevin Bacon numbers needed)   But here are 3 Thugs who are just tired of getting shit on by the system …… And they see you ……… Welcome to your own world . Mr CEO .   You wealth does not protect you . It imprisons you.

You Owe ,……. You Owe so much more than you can possibly realize to the 46,000 people a year that get kicked off of your planes . But Can you possibly even grasp what you Owe to that man . Whom you Beat and Battered and Dragged off you plane like so much chattel .

People Make your business work . No People , No Flights , No Planes , Pretty fucking easy equation .

CEO of what ?    You have no honor , you have no morals .  Go into Banking instead , I hear Wells Fargo is looking for people like you.

People are getting Crazier and Crazier

Just watching even simple conversations , descend into open conflict in the comments section of every social platform . A Joke about a cartoon , turns into an acid bath .

And the sad thing is , I am not talking about Trolls , People who deliberately start garbage to see others react . I mean Normal people

It is really an unnerving thing to see and read . especially when you know some of them personally .

I really am having a hard time understanding the Social Platforms now . It is a Digital Battle ground .  And Bombs are being dropped , Missiles being fired . We have Missiles being fired into Syria , Elections hacked to liking , Divisions in National Boundaries .
Both in the Ocean and on Land .
Those who grew up in a Land , being removed from it , because of family ties or history .
Grew up in ………. Born and Raised in …….. wow ……. just where are we going .