My Latest project

I did Location sound for this with a very cool team of people
CNN Asia

JAL Airlines

Click the link and Scroll down to see the video


Preserving Community

And what is its real value ?

I was privileged to do the Interview Sound for this Project , about a small Community Shrine and the Community built around it . And there is nothing I like more than a strong bond between people when it brings out the best of people . It means a lot to me .

Please watch this Many times , even if you dont speak the language . Brilliant Camera guy Roman Kasei , did the Visuals , I only did the Interviews and VO sound . But so glad to be a part of this now seeing the finished result , Brilliant work Roman . I mean that.

When Camera Man flakes out

Geesh . I mean when cant a person understand that the Project in front of them , is worth more than some problem they will not be able to solve at home .
2 days of shooting left , of a week , While Standing waiting for the rest of the group Actors and Actress , Camera guy says ” I forgot the Batteries to the camera , and runs back to the Hotel .  Then there we are waiting , and we message him  Asking where he is ?

On the Train heading back home ,….540 km away

WTF?  Just Ditches the post leaving the crew stranded , and Steals data and other stuff from the Director .

Unbelievable  , I would NEVER do that stupid kind of *&*&*^