Watching from afar

Although I am not in the US , and I am not really Political , way to realistic for that .

I watch these events relating to the change in Leadership of the US , and am amazed at how volatile and corrosive , this election season has been .

I am 50 years old , I have watched many come and go . And there has never been such an ugly scene as such has unfolded this year .

There is no Real Honest fervor on either side , no real support for either side as Both are considered as shall we say Less than Ideal for the position .

Corporate takeover in the US economy has been taking placed at a measured pace for years  without anyone really paying attention to the details as they were too busy enjoying their prosperity and or involvement with the systems in place . Then came Lehman Shock . Boom. , Then Wells Fargo ( Oh my, what a mess ) ,…… the deeper you dig down the rabbit hole you will find , that there Are no leaders left …. they don’t exist. You delude yourself thinking they do . Money Does ….. and that is why North Dakota is happening . Money beyond the scale of normal human thinking . 470,000 barrels a DAY , of Money .

You think there is actually a presidency in the US ?

I am Pragmatic , and Realist , I do have my Optimistic side , but it has nothing to do with Leadership .  Power Corrupts , absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely .  Period.

Religious Leaders , Political Leaders , Business Leaders …. they are the same . Just different tactics.

I am old enough to feel like if it ends it is ok with me . I have lived . I have seen changes . Many changes , and I don’t forget them like most people .

I tasted the freedoms of the 70’s and 80’s even though my personal life was a struggle , everything around me was amazing. Music was Amazing , Creative energy was amazing .

Lemonade stands were legal and encouraged , ……………. encouraged.

The Laws have changed ….this is what people do not understand , is during the years of this corporate takeover lobbyists and businesses pushed for laws on every sort of thing . From Vagrancy to Copyrights , to yeah Lemonade stands ……..

You of this generation are not free . Not even remotely .  You were born into corporate slavery , and will die there . Science will progress , Things will happen , It will be for the rich , Some things will happen for the mediocracy ,to distract you and make you think it is all ok ……

When there are laws that govern every single thing you do , you have no decisions of your own left to make . But because they are law you will be expected to accept them .

The Internet was a Great Idea , but without the right constraints , it became its own phenomenon , leading to a coalescence of ideologies in some areas , and a complete and utter fractionalisation of society in other ways .
Hate flourishes on the Web , ….. if you express an opinion it will be subject to attack , not debate , Attack ………….
We didn’t used to be this way , not what I saw anyway , there were pockets of people who had less than salient attitudes . Mean is Mean ,…. but they often got their comeuppins .

Not on the web …… It is more vast than anyone realizes , and under the masque of the surface we see lies a completely different society . Great in number . And at completely opposing odds with Cooperate Leadership .  A war will take place . the casualties will all be at the surface . The Surface of the Web is where the Infrastructure of ALL SMALL to MEDIUM business operates . All of it .
Imagine it coming to a halt …………..

I think it is quite possible ,  in fact inevitable . As Cooperate will attempt to take over that as well . And use the Legal System to do so .

I think I will go buy some lemons , and make lemonade now . With Honey , and a touch of the rind . All freshly ground .  Maybe put a sprig of mint in it .


Another Shoot Wrapped

Dendro Wrap.jpgDendro :  A story , about a Guy a Girl  and a Tree ,….sort of …. oh and Worms


cant tell you too much , You have to watch it when it is Released !


Director : James Honeycutt ( Yeah Like MASH)

Camera : Hans Bobanovitz

Sound : Me

Producer : Manato Ichikawa

Actor: Kouta Fudauchi

Actress : Reiko Mori



Spread out shooting over 2 months , In the Forests of Yatsugatake , in The Suburban Jungle of Tokyo’s side streets …  In a Dive Bar Basement , A Travel Item store and and Antique store .

Now the editing begins , and the story unfolds , But the can is full .