A Week Away from home.

A little more than actually , but a good one . Some incredible people , and a creative vision, all added to one of my favorite artists musically speaking .

But Names and details will remain for a bit until Post production is well underway and approvals are given .

I have a basic background in Ethnomusicology , and Music Theory . But it wouldn’t have happened had I not been pushed in that direction by some external influence . At the time in my younger days I was happy just banging chords and making noise on my Guitar , and had some Radical Flute skills from copying Jethro Tull songs . ( My hair was also much longer in those days )

During that time I came across some recordings of instruments I had never heard before ( or at least wasn’t aware of them !) and these sounds , well ….. sorta blew my mind .

Ethnic instruments taken out of their original context , and wrapped up in Jazz and Free Associative , or  “New Age ”  ( although a very incorrect term ) and these where some of the most beautiful and complex sounds I had ever heard , and it changed my thinking and as a result my life . I started taking music much more seriously , and actually studied .

Because of that and gaining some actually decent skill on my instruments , I was introduced to musicians who lived by their craft , Real Players , who accepted me into their group . That would not have happened without those skills .

Those are sequential events , one leads to another , and another , but they have a start .

I met and recorded for a weeklong jaunt into a Documentary being made about said individual . Yes I did sound for a Documentary for the person who kickstarted my journey into Music on a Much broader scale , that lead directly to almost all the other events that added to my life, All the Musicians I met , all the people I played with .

This has been a week , I will not only remember , but cherish . IMG_1176.jpg


All things came full Circle this week on major portions of my life , Not sure how , not sure if I want to know how ,or why …. Just that it happened is enough . Everything has a starting place , then a transition space , then resolution .  But full circle is rare . So I am a bit humbled , and quite contemplative at the moment and will be for some time .

Every human is but just that , We can lift them up to a pedestal , or see them for who they are , and just enjoy the differences .

In a world now where everyone seeks out differences for a source of Antagonism , and Conflict ,   I got to meet and enjoy the company of someone who’s differences where simply a source of respect . Just that it happened to be that Someone who’s music I heard so many years ago when I was young and my Hair was much longer and my Aim in life was much less clear .

This has been a very very good week .





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