Shure FP-24 ( Original SD Mix Pre)

Ok , I picked up a Used Shure FP24 , yesterday , and spent a good portion of my morning and previous evening , testing different mics and connections with it .


It is a little Picky about what mics you use .

Example , the Beyer Dynamic MCE72 wasnt even worth plugging into it . Signal was so low , and it had a fresh battery in it . Just wasn’t happy at all.

But Dynamic mics ,….Oh My !   that was a different story altogether . ( Impedance at play here )

I have the EV Blue Raven , LDD ( Large Diaphragm Dynamic)  and it sounded fabulous thru it . Almost as good as when I run through a Cloudlifter CL-1 to the console . It was a useable sound indeed .  Then I set up an OMNI Dynamic , the Beyer M58 , News Reporter style mic , ( I have 2 of them )  and I was immediately presented with a nice open clarity that said to me ” hmm , you these two Omni’s  setup in the right way , You can record some seriously good stereo stuff !”   Yeah it was nice enough for that thought to cross my mind .

On to other mics I went ,  Sony ECM -999 M/S  style stereo mic , With this I could have wanted for a bit more output from the Mic , It wasnt noise free ( again Impedance issues at work )  But it was useable . The ECM-999 is picky about what it is plugged into .

The Audio Technica AT-8022 , now this was a different beast . In Fact I am as I type this listening to an hour long recording of it sitting outside in my Backyard , The FP24 connected to a Tascam DR2d recorder via FP24 Tape Out —> Line Input on the DR2d ,  It is really clean …. I mean I can just close my eyes and sit in my Backyard listening to bugs and people walking by , without getting eaten alive by Mosquitos kind of clean . Which is cool .

My Shotgun Mics , Sony , Rode , all sound good, Solid present signal . I will have no problem  incorporating this sound into my Audio Bag . But it also gives me a Solid Stereo Foraging tool with just the FP24 and  Stereo Recorder , and some Mics , I have a solid solid , Foley tool ,and Ambience tool .

I had to sell a couple of things to get it . But I am glad I did .

But here is the Kicker ….the Shure FP24 is year 2000 era ….2002 It went thru a change and Sound devices updated the design to accommodate TV Cameras that didnt like the Impedance( that word again) balance outputs on the FP24 .

The FP24 has Hot , Impedance Balance LINE outputs , not Mic Level , so you dont just plug this into anything if you dont know what your doing , Your Camera has Mic level inputs you will blow them , Damaging the camera .  No switch to set Mic level on the FP24 either .

But the Tape Out is stereo unbalanced -10db , which will accommodate a great many devices . The Tape Return ( Input)  is also very clean I watched a few videos on my laptop last night with a Stereo cable running to the Tape Return of the FP24 and Switched to Monitor that input . Solid , Maybe lacking a little in the Low frequency area , but it isnt designed as a Audiophile input , only to monitor the camera signal to make sure you levels are good . BUt It was clean enough that I actually enjoyed watching Alan Parsons Live in Barcelona .

16 years old about , and sound better than most prosumer devices on tap now .
But …… Picky about what mics you use , and What devices you plug IT into .
For me …..That just means Adapter cables ………of which I have Boxes full of .





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