What my Week Away was about

I just participated in the Japan Portion of this Documentary now being made .
There is Quite a bit left to be done and this crew will need all the support they can get .



There are Myriads of musicals styles and genres across the planet , many that you will never hear unless you are actually standing where they are being played and performed .

This person has been to and learnt from many of those places and incorporated everything into his own way of being .  The Crew making this film are very cool , competently crazy people ( you have to at least be some level of crazy to do this stuff )

If you read my blog ….. click that link , go read about the project . Lend a hand in the making of this .

I spent a week in this man’s house …… but his Home is a Much bigger place.


A Week Away from home.

A little more than actually , but a good one . Some incredible people , and a creative vision, all added to one of my favorite artists musically speaking .

But Names and details will remain for a bit until Post production is well underway and approvals are given .

I have a basic background in Ethnomusicology , and Music Theory . But it wouldn’t have happened had I not been pushed in that direction by some external influence . At the time in my younger days I was happy just banging chords and making noise on my Guitar , and had some Radical Flute skills from copying Jethro Tull songs . ( My hair was also much longer in those days )

During that time I came across some recordings of instruments I had never heard before ( or at least wasn’t aware of them !) and these sounds , well ….. sorta blew my mind .

Ethnic instruments taken out of their original context , and wrapped up in Jazz and Free Associative , or  “New Age ”  ( although a very incorrect term ) and these where some of the most beautiful and complex sounds I had ever heard , and it changed my thinking and as a result my life . I started taking music much more seriously , and actually studied .

Because of that and gaining some actually decent skill on my instruments , I was introduced to musicians who lived by their craft , Real Players , who accepted me into their group . That would not have happened without those skills .

Those are sequential events , one leads to another , and another , but they have a start .

I met and recorded for a weeklong jaunt into a Documentary being made about said individual . Yes I did sound for a Documentary for the person who kickstarted my journey into Music on a Much broader scale , that lead directly to almost all the other events that added to my life, All the Musicians I met , all the people I played with .

This has been a week , I will not only remember , but cherish . IMG_1176.jpg


All things came full Circle this week on major portions of my life , Not sure how , not sure if I want to know how ,or why …. Just that it happened is enough . Everything has a starting place , then a transition space , then resolution .  But full circle is rare . So I am a bit humbled , and quite contemplative at the moment and will be for some time .

Every human is but just that , We can lift them up to a pedestal , or see them for who they are , and just enjoy the differences .

In a world now where everyone seeks out differences for a source of Antagonism , and Conflict ,   I got to meet and enjoy the company of someone who’s differences where simply a source of respect . Just that it happened to be that Someone who’s music I heard so many years ago when I was young and my Hair was much longer and my Aim in life was much less clear .

This has been a very very good week .




Soundcraft Signature Series Mixers

14590254_10207336451384665_5626194411501676452_nSignature 10 , is sitting right if front of me on my Living room floor on top of its box .

Yes it just arrived , and I put a stereo mic at my Back door , and made subsequent connections.

Instant love in 3 areas

#1 The Mic preamps are CLEAN , like bleached and scrubbed kitchen sink clean . At 3/4 gain on the inputs of 1&2 ( as that I have a stereo mic connected )  Faders up around 9 , Master fader at 9 , And there is barely any noise at all .

Mackie …..  You might want to listen to one of these Mixers as you’re seriously going to need to up your game .

#2 The Headphone Amp is also fairly Clean , which is a critical issue , as How can you know what you are getting at the Input stage , what noise level etc , If the Headphone amp is noisy .

#3  The FX Master …..is on a Fader not a Knob …….This is seriously cool shit here . As a Sound designer for Film , in some scenes while mixing dry Dialogue , I can very smoothly Soften the Ambient background or spread it out in realtime mix with the FX Fader .By adding a TOUCH of deep reverbs and delay , I can send a Background even further Back and spread it out a little more to give depth and sense of space . Crew entering a Tunnel , I can go in , and record the Tunnel sounds Dry First …… Then play it back over the dialogue and fade in the reverbs and echo as they get deeper into the tunnel in real time exactly matching the motion . Instant love .

Slight Cons ,    Wow this thing is heavy for a 6 mic input mixer ……. But that is the only time you will hear me say that . Because size and form factor just work .
Time to build or buy a case for this , as I WILL be using this on Films .

Oh and the Faders feel pretty damn good .

Shure FP-24 ( Original SD Mix Pre)

Ok , I picked up a Used Shure FP24 , yesterday , and spent a good portion of my morning and previous evening , testing different mics and connections with it .


It is a little Picky about what mics you use .

Example , the Beyer Dynamic MCE72 wasnt even worth plugging into it . Signal was so low , and it had a fresh battery in it . Just wasn’t happy at all.

But Dynamic mics ,….Oh My !   that was a different story altogether . ( Impedance at play here )

I have the EV Blue Raven , LDD ( Large Diaphragm Dynamic)  and it sounded fabulous thru it . Almost as good as when I run through a Cloudlifter CL-1 to the console . It was a useable sound indeed .  Then I set up an OMNI Dynamic , the Beyer M58 , News Reporter style mic , ( I have 2 of them )  and I was immediately presented with a nice open clarity that said to me ” hmm , you these two Omni’s  setup in the right way , You can record some seriously good stereo stuff !”   Yeah it was nice enough for that thought to cross my mind .

On to other mics I went ,  Sony ECM -999 M/S  style stereo mic , With this I could have wanted for a bit more output from the Mic , It wasnt noise free ( again Impedance issues at work )  But it was useable . The ECM-999 is picky about what it is plugged into .

The Audio Technica AT-8022 , now this was a different beast . In Fact I am as I type this listening to an hour long recording of it sitting outside in my Backyard , The FP24 connected to a Tascam DR2d recorder via FP24 Tape Out —> Line Input on the DR2d ,  It is really clean …. I mean I can just close my eyes and sit in my Backyard listening to bugs and people walking by , without getting eaten alive by Mosquitos kind of clean . Which is cool .

My Shotgun Mics , Sony , Rode , all sound good, Solid present signal . I will have no problem  incorporating this sound into my Audio Bag . But it also gives me a Solid Stereo Foraging tool with just the FP24 and  Stereo Recorder , and some Mics , I have a solid solid , Foley tool ,and Ambience tool .

I had to sell a couple of things to get it . But I am glad I did .

But here is the Kicker ….the Shure FP24 is year 2000 era ….2002 It went thru a change and Sound devices updated the design to accommodate TV Cameras that didnt like the Impedance( that word again) balance outputs on the FP24 .

The FP24 has Hot , Impedance Balance LINE outputs , not Mic Level , so you dont just plug this into anything if you dont know what your doing , Your Camera has Mic level inputs you will blow them , Damaging the camera .  No switch to set Mic level on the FP24 either .

But the Tape Out is stereo unbalanced -10db , which will accommodate a great many devices . The Tape Return ( Input)  is also very clean I watched a few videos on my laptop last night with a Stereo cable running to the Tape Return of the FP24 and Switched to Monitor that input . Solid , Maybe lacking a little in the Low frequency area , but it isnt designed as a Audiophile input , only to monitor the camera signal to make sure you levels are good . BUt It was clean enough that I actually enjoyed watching Alan Parsons Live in Barcelona .

16 years old about , and sound better than most prosumer devices on tap now .
But …… Picky about what mics you use , and What devices you plug IT into .
For me …..That just means Adapter cables ………of which I have Boxes full of .




On a Roll! Another Nomination !

A Film currently making rounds in Film festivals , “SOAP”  by Anshul Chauhan

I did sound for as well , Just got this message

“SOAP has been nominated under best film award category in “ASIA international youth film exhibition 2016”

The day just keeps getting better ….

Now waiting on Deliveries of stuff to help me do my Job Better !

“They should Be here Soon ” ( you must read that line with the voice of Preed)