Zoom F4 – ?? somebody woke up !

Zoom F4 ,  …… Some months ago I railed a little bit about the Zoom F8 , and After A/D Limiters and Really Small Knobs …. yeah REALLY small knobs . And Too Many connections , Yes I actually said that ( I mean , How can you Have too many ? well you can ….)


Now the Zoom F4 , is about to land on the scene , for a fair amount less than its older sibling .  I watched a few videos , and I have to say , Zoom , you did it .I want it . It is simply put , a Sound Devices level recorder on a Budget .

Now Now ,…..hold your vitriol …..and horses …….

{ How Dare he say that , as a Sound Guy ……)

Well ,…. YES I said it.

75 DB of gain …..( check your home audio interface or mic preamp , probably 60db )

Time Code …..  -02 ppm With Jam Sync , and TCXO ……..(if you don’t know, don’t ask )

Larger Controls …. {  My Version 2 List fulfilled }

4 Channels  ….. { My Version 2 Wish list fulfilled}

XLR outputs instead of TA3 …..{Version 2 Wish list }

Size and Form factor , quite baggable now .

And with Hirose connector , proper integration into all powering options .

( Did I mention 75 db of Gain ???????? )

Unlike the DR680Mk2 from Tascam . which is a nice machine BUT. Not truly baggable .And it doesn’t have real time control over each channel the F4 does. Absolutely critical in the field. Also All controls on the front Unlike the DR680MK2 , Play , Pause Start Stop etc , all on the front of the F4 where they belong , The DR680Mk2 transport controls are not accessible when Bagged .


Yes ,…. I want it . ……..Enough said .


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