Protools First VS Studio One Prime

Install time:

Studio One Prime :  Download requires membership account to Presonus ( That’s it )

Download , 3-4 minutes on fast connection even less .

Install : about 48 seconds on my machine . Done ,

Open to Project ready ,  First time set File structure , or Template , click , Bam open . about 2 minutes Tops after that Opens direct to Structure in about 15 seconds .


Protools – First :
MAJOR PITA here —-
First Sign up for account with Avid , Then Sign up and Download iLok setup iLOk ,then Go back Download PT , then Try to open installer , If Installer runs , then Install account manager , then Update files, then , THEN restart , Then Open PTF , Then Make file structure , , then run program ,  Average times about 4 hours total maybe more depending on your system ,…..have plenty of coffee ready and other things to do while you do this .


Next post will be impressions of use .

But Ease of access ,…….Studio One Body Slams PT ……. Body Slam ,Concrete  Sick Nick Mondo style …….Yeah I went there


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