First impressions Protools First

( Short Version ;  Buy Studio One ……….) For the Curious , read on .

I have NEVER seen such a Pain in the ASS Software to setup .

For example , 24bit 48Khz , is a standard in Audio and has been for a WHILE .

AUDACITY , Free :  Does it , EASILY , just set to 24 bit 48Khz , in I/O preferences your system follows suits .

Studio One Prime , Also FREE , Does it , Set Project Properties to 24 Bit , 48Khz , done , your running


Protools First:   I have tried , and tried and tried , over and over to get it to use the System sounds at 24bit 48Khz ,  ……and EVERY SINGLE EFFING TIME , resorts back to 44.1 .

No matter what I do , Go into system setting set Everything to 24bit 48Khz , Inputs /outputs ,  then open PTF , and it changes the Output only back to 44.1 , Input remains 48Khz .   So Open Hardware setup in PTF , and access thru the PTF settings , and change to 48KHZ  , it give a popup window telling me that the Output Sample rate isnt compatible with the current project ………………..

I started the project with everything set at 48Khz ………

My Macbook Pro has D/A and A/D section built in that is 48Khz compatible ……


From Download to Installation to Usage , PTF is a Pain in The ASS to use or setup for any film or location sound work , as it just doesn’t want to cooperate with the system settings .

Why System output ?

Plain and simple I can run an Optical Cable from my Macbook Pro to almost ANY audio interface that has ADAT /SPIDF capability thereby integrating with any onset system or Studio system where it may be needed . Why should PTF be able to do this at 48khz , ?

Here is why , Say I have several tracks of Voice , and a Stereo track of Ambient from a Film set , I only need Basic EQ , and MAYBE a little compression on that stuff , Effects that PTF has built in .   So I could be in an ADR session with the original files on my Macbook , Connect with 1 cable into the studio rig , instead of Transferring all files to the Studios drives , Play back and do a Basic Mix there quick and dirty , get it in the pocket to where the Director says Yeah that Works , then Export a Mixdown , and Give just the Mixdown to the Studio in PT format , if that is what they are running , Bam they load it into their PT HD session with the Video already up and running ,…. Time saved , Happy director , Good Blog about PTF ……… Good ,….Blog …..About…..Your …….Software .

??????  That isn’t worth it ?  to have Good things said about your stuff ?

I will try now thru several interfaces , to see if PTF will work with them , My Sound Devices USBPre2 will be first , If PTF Balks at that or even tries to reset that Interface , I am uninstalling it ……..Just not worth it . Even if it is free …….



Ok , Tried the Sound Devices USBPre2 , 192Khz compatible Audio Interface , preset to 48Khz and guess what …………  See it ?
Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.12.38 AM.png

Yeah , Reset to 44.1 every stinking time , EVERYTHING else on the machine at 48Khz  , Entire I/O routing at 48KHZ ,…. and select the SD Preamp for I/O  and it resets it to 44.1 KHZ


Hey Avid …….. Do you hear me now ?


So overall , First impressions as an Audio Guy , a real Sound guy to all the New artists or Hobbyists , or anyone who wants to record ,…….  AVID Protools First is seriously NOT worth the headaches , Get Studio One Artist , The learning curve is short , sweet and to the point . The Audio quality is Good , and You can Use ANY interface you want to , without needing iLOk and 3 other softwares just to run the ONE software so you can record yourself .

If however you do go thru all the trouble , the few plugins that come with PTF , are pretty good ,  and if all your doing is Music then 24 bit 44.1 will work ,  It isn’t what I would do , but it will capture your ideas . Also PTF is heavy on the Laptop processor , Much more so than Studio One . Studio One is Fast , Lightweight , and Stable on the systems resources .


I simply cannot recommend Pro Tools First for anyone , especially the beginner.


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