This isn’t my week.

Some good things , but mostly…. Mishaps

Try to Buy some software using Amazon Pay ….Doesn’t work  ( will leave Software name out of it )

So that Money in Amazon has to go somewhere , I get a Sennheiser SDC ,  Like it .

Browsing , I see a Boompole Holder clamp , Cheap , so I get it …. It is what I needed .

But while waiting for it to arrive , I see a sale on a Rode , Boompole Pro , 10 footer , supposed to be Carbon Fibre ( Could use getting weight down , could seriously use that )

What Arrives instead ( COD so Cash is now Gone )    Is the Old METAL , 10 foot pole , that weighs a ton ………. Not what I needed .

First part of the shoot is a week away . …..

I have 2 Booms  ,  but that extra Distance in this shot would make things work nicely .

Actually could want for more than 10 feet , more like 15 ,   So I have to workaround this now .
Had a Pre Game team meeting last night for the Film .

………..  Oh yeah , I missed the Last trains home after the meeting and wandered around Tokyo last night with my camera , ……Filled up the Card with Night shots and Video . I think I got some cool stuff to add to my ” Tokyo Story ”  film I am slowly building .


Really could have used that Carbon Pole ……….. That Metal pole is Noisy ( Vibrations travel thru it as it is Aluminium ), and Heavy But it is here and I will use it until I can afford that Big Carbon . ( Pro Carbon Booms , can get quite expensive , anywhere from 400 to over 1000 dollars )



Hey Spammers…..

I don’t do Ikea

I don’t do Bunnings

I don’t do Quantas

I don’t do Coles

I don’t do online Gambling

I don’t do Online Credit cards

I don’t do …….

So guess what happens to all your mail ?   ……..

I also don’t wait for the 30 days automatic deletion.

Zoom F4 – ?? somebody woke up !

Zoom F4 ,  …… Some months ago I railed a little bit about the Zoom F8 , and After A/D Limiters and Really Small Knobs …. yeah REALLY small knobs . And Too Many connections , Yes I actually said that ( I mean , How can you Have too many ? well you can ….)


Now the Zoom F4 , is about to land on the scene , for a fair amount less than its older sibling .  I watched a few videos , and I have to say , Zoom , you did it .I want it . It is simply put , a Sound Devices level recorder on a Budget .

Now Now ,…..hold your vitriol …..and horses …….

{ How Dare he say that , as a Sound Guy ……)

Well ,…. YES I said it.

75 DB of gain …..( check your home audio interface or mic preamp , probably 60db )

Time Code …..  -02 ppm With Jam Sync , and TCXO ……..(if you don’t know, don’t ask )

Larger Controls …. {  My Version 2 List fulfilled }

4 Channels  ….. { My Version 2 Wish list fulfilled}

XLR outputs instead of TA3 …..{Version 2 Wish list }

Size and Form factor , quite baggable now .

And with Hirose connector , proper integration into all powering options .

( Did I mention 75 db of Gain ???????? )

Unlike the DR680Mk2 from Tascam . which is a nice machine BUT. Not truly baggable .And it doesn’t have real time control over each channel the F4 does. Absolutely critical in the field. Also All controls on the front Unlike the DR680MK2 , Play , Pause Start Stop etc , all on the front of the F4 where they belong , The DR680Mk2 transport controls are not accessible when Bagged .


Yes ,…. I want it . ……..Enough said .

First impressions Protools First

( Short Version ;  Buy Studio One ……….) For the Curious , read on .

I have NEVER seen such a Pain in the ASS Software to setup .

For example , 24bit 48Khz , is a standard in Audio and has been for a WHILE .

AUDACITY , Free :  Does it , EASILY , just set to 24 bit 48Khz , in I/O preferences your system follows suits .

Studio One Prime , Also FREE , Does it , Set Project Properties to 24 Bit , 48Khz , done , your running


Protools First:   I have tried , and tried and tried , over and over to get it to use the System sounds at 24bit 48Khz ,  ……and EVERY SINGLE EFFING TIME , resorts back to 44.1 .

No matter what I do , Go into system setting set Everything to 24bit 48Khz , Inputs /outputs ,  then open PTF , and it changes the Output only back to 44.1 , Input remains 48Khz .   So Open Hardware setup in PTF , and access thru the PTF settings , and change to 48KHZ  , it give a popup window telling me that the Output Sample rate isnt compatible with the current project ………………..

I started the project with everything set at 48Khz ………

My Macbook Pro has D/A and A/D section built in that is 48Khz compatible ……


From Download to Installation to Usage , PTF is a Pain in The ASS to use or setup for any film or location sound work , as it just doesn’t want to cooperate with the system settings .

Why System output ?

Plain and simple I can run an Optical Cable from my Macbook Pro to almost ANY audio interface that has ADAT /SPIDF capability thereby integrating with any onset system or Studio system where it may be needed . Why should PTF be able to do this at 48khz , ?

Here is why , Say I have several tracks of Voice , and a Stereo track of Ambient from a Film set , I only need Basic EQ , and MAYBE a little compression on that stuff , Effects that PTF has built in .   So I could be in an ADR session with the original files on my Macbook , Connect with 1 cable into the studio rig , instead of Transferring all files to the Studios drives , Play back and do a Basic Mix there quick and dirty , get it in the pocket to where the Director says Yeah that Works , then Export a Mixdown , and Give just the Mixdown to the Studio in PT format , if that is what they are running , Bam they load it into their PT HD session with the Video already up and running ,…. Time saved , Happy director , Good Blog about PTF ……… Good ,….Blog …..About…..Your …….Software .

??????  That isn’t worth it ?  to have Good things said about your stuff ?

I will try now thru several interfaces , to see if PTF will work with them , My Sound Devices USBPre2 will be first , If PTF Balks at that or even tries to reset that Interface , I am uninstalling it ……..Just not worth it . Even if it is free …….



Ok , Tried the Sound Devices USBPre2 , 192Khz compatible Audio Interface , preset to 48Khz and guess what …………  See it ?
Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.12.38 AM.png

Yeah , Reset to 44.1 every stinking time , EVERYTHING else on the machine at 48Khz  , Entire I/O routing at 48KHZ ,…. and select the SD Preamp for I/O  and it resets it to 44.1 KHZ


Hey Avid …….. Do you hear me now ?


So overall , First impressions as an Audio Guy , a real Sound guy to all the New artists or Hobbyists , or anyone who wants to record ,…….  AVID Protools First is seriously NOT worth the headaches , Get Studio One Artist , The learning curve is short , sweet and to the point . The Audio quality is Good , and You can Use ANY interface you want to , without needing iLOk and 3 other softwares just to run the ONE software so you can record yourself .

If however you do go thru all the trouble , the few plugins that come with PTF , are pretty good ,  and if all your doing is Music then 24 bit 44.1 will work ,  It isn’t what I would do , but it will capture your ideas . Also PTF is heavy on the Laptop processor , Much more so than Studio One . Studio One is Fast , Lightweight , and Stable on the systems resources .


I simply cannot recommend Pro Tools First for anyone , especially the beginner.

Protools First VS Studio One Prime

Install time:

Studio One Prime :  Download requires membership account to Presonus ( That’s it )

Download , 3-4 minutes on fast connection even less .

Install : about 48 seconds on my machine . Done ,

Open to Project ready ,  First time set File structure , or Template , click , Bam open . about 2 minutes Tops after that Opens direct to Structure in about 15 seconds .


Protools – First :
MAJOR PITA here —-
First Sign up for account with Avid , Then Sign up and Download iLok setup iLOk ,then Go back Download PT , then Try to open installer , If Installer runs , then Install account manager , then Update files, then , THEN restart , Then Open PTF , Then Make file structure , , then run program ,  Average times about 4 hours total maybe more depending on your system ,…..have plenty of coffee ready and other things to do while you do this .


Next post will be impressions of use .

But Ease of access ,…….Studio One Body Slams PT ……. Body Slam ,Concrete  Sick Nick Mondo style …….Yeah I went there