Just ordered sum Power stuff

A V Battery Sled , ( My First with V Batteries under my own ownership!)
With a Dual NP Battery to V battery adapter . ( So I can use the Batteries I already have)


The Sled FOTGA , V Battery Sled , has multiple outputs , USB , then a regular DC @ 5vlts , then two 12 volt Outputs for Camera action .

Well this will be for AUDIO so probably much less demanding power requirements than a big TV Camera would have . And the Multi outs  will let me power most of the gear , if not ALL the gear in my Audio bag at the same time off the same source . That would be cool .


It will be here in a couple of days , me thinks . ….right now , waiting on a Pelican style gear case that will be for my wireless system and Lav mics .

Should be here soon.


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