Off tomorrow to roll sound for an interview ( have to go through a Typhoon to get there !)

1 hour job, …. hour and a half train ride …. TYPHOON blowing , rain , wet, windy…….

But ,  Not an option …. I Go ! ,   one of my favourite camera people , Marc Albert of Radioactive Films , …… studio gig , and the work gets done by me or by someone else .  NOT an option. I GO!

Normally this isn’t a big issue . Grab an Audio bag , Mics , Boom and go , but this time just GOING requires a Strategy ! We have a pretty decent Typhoon blowing . So water bagging and protection and all that jazz comes into play , and then trying to arrive to the location , NOT looking like a Drowned Rat !  ……   Puddles , just think puddles here …… with my bearded self …… not a pretty picture .

Who I will be recording leaves a pretty picture though , although I am not at liberty to discuss that ….hehehe .   A Voice actress with a fair bit of history in Japanese pop culture .

But I respect the client relationship/permissions  situations . When the Video is done IF I have a Link I will throw it to my Blog for my readers who watch the mess I leave on the web . ( My room isn’t much different  )

But life of a soundguy ,….. Your Camera guy calls ……. You go .  Regardless of the weather .


Man it is coming down out there …………………..{whimpers ever so slightly}


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