Advice for Filmmakers ( from the Soundguy)

#1 , this is Very important , Extremely so .  DO NOT WAIT until the last minute to hire the Soundguy Or Girl  ( I know a Few sound girls well worth their salt ) .

Make friends with them , Get their thoughts on YOUR project  a month ahead of time , Yes I said that . I actually write a lot of notes on the script about which Mic I want to use , Where to put myself to keep from casting Shadows in the frame , Stereo / Mono , Possible ADR situations , Wind / No Wind protection , Lav / Boom , Intimate / Wide , Soft / Loud  SFX , Foley yeah I make notes .

A Good Sound Person will want time to prepare for YOUR gig so they can do the best possible job they can . Because Their name goes on YOUR film , that means quite clearly , I as the Sound Person , REALLY REALLY want your film to sound GOOD . Do not rob me of that opportunity .

#2  Value your Sound persons viewpoint on set .  IE:  Hey did that last take sound ok ? Do you think we will need ADR on that ?  I can tell you what I can fix in post , and what cannot be . Get the right take .

Your Sound person is LISTENING < Very closely , to everything that happens , The Mic does not lie . What goes through his / her headphones , will be a direct reflection on the quality of your film . Do not Devaluate your sound person .

#3 Do Not try to Cheapskate or Lowball the Sound person , Our Gear costs money , a Lot of money , if it gets damaged replacing it is a pain in the ass . The Camera guy , doesn’t worry about an Actor or Actress , Tearing off a 400-500 dollar Lav Mic , because they want to go to the bathroom . ( Yes that little tiny pin size mic cost that much and more ) . Add to it the Body Pack Transmitter sending that Mics sound to the Sound person . That Transmitter can run anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars JUST for that little box on the hip .  ( Research Lectrosonics , Zaxcom , Sonosax , and other high end radios)

We don’t invest in this level of equipment to be Famous , ( How many Grammys for Best Sound ?)  We do it because we love what we do . and we want the best sound we can get ……. For YOUR film .


So don’t disrespect the SoundGuy .




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