Tiny Birds …….( But will grow )

This morning was a welcome one , Indeed it was . There is a Nest in our backyard of Azure Winged Magpies , or Aonaga , in Japanese . Very smart birds , very protective of each other , usually in flocks of 10 or so .

Well one couple decided to build their nest in My backyard , and this morning bright and early …………DRUM ROLL   ( softly please so we don’t disturb them )  BABIES !!!!!

3 Of them to be precise , getting their first taste of flight , and I got to watch it ALL . Well not quite All of it ,  but enough to make me happy , But that isn’t the kicker . Aside from having tiny birds bouncing off of my rain shutters at 6 am because they didn’t quite have their bearings right yet , One of them , lost altitude ( Fell off the roof , into my front door gateway !!!

So There is this little fuzzy Blueish creature on the grass in my front door foyer area . Looking up at me ….   Mom is of Course screaming at me ,” Dont Touch My KID !! ”  but I encourage Moms  by just sitting down and not moving for a bit . She calms down , So then I move real slow, and Pick up said Fallen angel .   And then  walk around to the back of my house to the tree where the nest is , little one isn’t struggling at all , seems to sense what I am doing .   Get to the tree and I lift little one up to the branches and open my hand slowly , Little one hops on to my Finger and stays there , for a good 2 minutes , just looking at me and the tree back and forth , Then hops up into the tree and calls mom .

All without getting a hole in my Head from the 5-6 Full adult Magpies watching me .

So far ,…… a REally good morning I would say ! IMG_0024.jpgIMG_0023 (1).jpgIMG_0025.jpg


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