Fakebook is a trap

Too much social garbage .

Some people talk trash ….

In Contrast the People who actually have worked with me Leave very positive reviews as you can see on my Services page and my Name being in their productions .

Soap ( Making international Film Festivals now ) a Film by Anshul Chuahan

Besos ( Kiss for the Camera – on National Geographic ) a Film by Maida Hals

NHK – Sanriku Returning The Emotions ”  Documentary

Nikkei Asian Review , Youtube 2 million views

GNEE Japan , Commercials

Yapiko Animation Promotion Video

And Not least of of working with Pablo Absento and Matthew T Burns other wise known as Sick Nick Mondo on his Documentary .

Yeah I did the sound on all of them .

Right now , Recording real time Donald Fagens Morph the Cat , at 24 bit 44.1 thru an A&D DP730 CD Player I found in the Garbage .  Sounds quite Good for a 1987 piece of gear .

I am a Real Time person anyway , Face to Face ….. Fake to Fake isnt my style , and if you can’t face me you aren’t worth my time . Life itself will take care of you . I will just watch it happen like a train wreck in slow motion and clap my hands at the performance .


Good Bye Facebook . Should have never joined you



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