A short Documentary I did sound on a couple of years ago .


Just ordered sum Power stuff

A V Battery Sled , ( My First with V Batteries under my own ownership!)
With a Dual NP Battery to V battery adapter . ( So I can use the Batteries I already have)


The Sled FOTGA , V Battery Sled , has multiple outputs , USB , then a regular DC @ 5vlts , then two 12 volt Outputs for Camera action .

Well this will be for AUDIO so probably much less demanding power requirements than a big TV Camera would have . And the Multi outs  will let me power most of the gear , if not ALL the gear in my Audio bag at the same time off the same source . That would be cool .


It will be here in a couple of days , me thinks . ….right now , waiting on a Pelican style gear case that will be for my wireless system and Lav mics .

Should be here soon.

Dual Boom vs Lav Sound

Here is a hastily put together “Here is how I do it ”  on that subject .

I used a quite Heavy  Rode Blimp , with Dead Cat , and a Heavy Stereo Mic inside with a Battery in it just to show the weight this setup will carry . I can put a Stereo bar with two Lightweight mics on it for Over the Top Small consort or Quartet recording as well .


Amazon Japan Review system

I have submitted 6 reviews in the past month 5 of them very positive , All of them except 1 summarily dismissed …..

????WTF ???????

Hey Amazon , stop the effing Automated machine BS . I unsubbed to your frikken Review Customer service emails …..

I Mean damn ….. Rejecting POSITIVE Reviews , ……. Because they are in English ?

You cannot give a reason why … always the Same BS about Guidelines when I actually FOLLOW the Fucking guidelines , So up yours . No reviews from me anymore for any of your clients . Screw you , I will review the products on my Blog ( HERE) and link to the Product directly since you don’t value my opinion enough to publish it .

Why waste my time ?  Here on my Blog it isn’t wasted , as people actually read my blog . Stats tell me over 11,000 people visited in the past year so wow ! I was really quite happy to read that , Product reviews isnt exactly what I had in mind for my Blog , but a few key points here and there might not violate the overall NON COMMERCIAL experience of this space .

I would rather talk about the Sound and Video stuff I do rather than what I buy to do it , but I guess that goes hand in hand .

Hey everybody , Look for some tips and tricks of what NOT to buy for what you do . Coming soon to an Internet corner somewhere in the digital universe near you …..