Just ordered sum Power stuff

A V Battery Sled , ( My First with V Batteries under my own ownership!)
With a Dual NP Battery to V battery adapter . ( So I can use the Batteries I already have)


The Sled FOTGA , V Battery Sled , has multiple outputs , USB , then a regular DC @ 5vlts , then two 12 volt Outputs for Camera action .

Well this will be for AUDIO so probably much less demanding power requirements than a big TV Camera would have . And the Multi outs  will let me power most of the gear , if not ALL the gear in my Audio bag at the same time off the same source . That would be cool .


It will be here in a couple of days , me thinks . ….right now , waiting on a Pelican style gear case that will be for my wireless system and Lav mics .

Should be here soon.


Tried to install Protools|First

Focusrite , you need to choose your partners more carefully .

Protools has always been buggy and First being free is even worse of an Idea as it gets ZERO SUPPORT .

So Guess what happens when you download it .Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.51.06 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.02.56 PM.png


That pretty much sums it up .

AVID ….. Check your site for Malware or bugs , because you have them

Amazon Japan Review system

I have submitted 6 reviews in the past month 5 of them very positive , All of them except 1 summarily dismissed …..

????WTF ???????

Hey Amazon , stop the effing Automated machine BS . I unsubbed to your frikken Review Customer service emails …..

I Mean damn ….. Rejecting POSITIVE Reviews , ……. Because they are in English ?

You cannot give a reason why … always the Same BS about Guidelines when I actually FOLLOW the Fucking guidelines , So up yours . No reviews from me anymore for any of your clients . Screw you , I will review the products on my Blog ( HERE) and link to the Product directly since you don’t value my opinion enough to publish it .

Why waste my time ?  Here on my Blog it isn’t wasted , as people actually read my blog . Stats tell me over 11,000 people visited in the past year so wow ! I was really quite happy to read that , Product reviews isnt exactly what I had in mind for my Blog , but a few key points here and there might not violate the overall NON COMMERCIAL experience of this space .

I would rather talk about the Sound and Video stuff I do rather than what I buy to do it , but I guess that goes hand in hand .

Hey everybody , Look for some tips and tricks of what NOT to buy for what you do . Coming soon to an Internet corner somewhere in the digital universe near you …..



AT-8022 Stereo Mic Review

Audio Technica has hits and misses , mostly in the Headphone dept. and preamps ,

But mics they have been doing for a fair amount of time . There are the extreme Budget line of mics the “Plastic packaged  Mini jack stereo mics ” for basic note taking etc . That Isn’t what we are talking about here

As an Audio pro , I have my own tastes and preferences in what a mic should sound like to me . There are mics that help you get a job done , then Job done WELL , ( level up )  then there are mics that let you disappear in your headphones and just explore what you are hearing ….

This mic gets PReeettty darn close to that latter category for me .

I have the AT-822 , its predecessor , and had the AT-825 as well . Both quite useable stereo mics , but I Always felt they didn’t quite bring me “There”  for a stereo mic , One thing is they have X/Y capsule configuration at way less than 180 degrees , so true left/right separation isn’t happening and I always had to do a Little in post to get that extra space when I was using them .

Not the AT-8022 , I mean I WILL be able to play with the space of this mic but Probably for working purposes really wont need to For Camera POV , the Left/Right Separation is very well balanced and feels quite natural . I went for a walk , headphones on and walked around my neighbourhood for about 30 minutes just listening . Had the Mic connected to channels 1&2 of the Tascam DR70d in my Portabrace bag , shoulder slung, and neighbours giving me strange looks and asking to try the headphones ( 70 year old lady got a real kick out of hearing this mic LOL)

What I heard was not an Over Hyped sound like my AT-822 , This was much more natural and with a quite low noise floor and really good sensitivity , I really like this mic . Better than my Sony ECM-999 in some ways .

The AT-8022 Isn’t a Lite weight mic compared to the AT-822 , in fact it is hefty , has weight to it . So Booming it will be a bit more effort , but handling noise isn’t bad at all ! , Some mics have HORRIBLE handling noise , but this one doesn’t especially when in a Shock Handle or Blimp shockmount .

The choice of Battery or Phantom power drew my attention as well as Balanced and Unbalanced operation . This is a mic that can integrate into different systems .

The Freq chart and specs say two different things , Specs say 2ohz – 15Khz , but if you look at the chart it goes up to 20k just at 10db lower ( which I can fix in post with EQ ) You cant EQ or add what isn’t there but the 20 khz region is in fact there, just needs a boost . And it coincides with what I hear from the mic.

I have the Beyer MCE-72 Stereo Mic as well , But the Sonic Character is Night and Day difference , the AT-8022 is hands down a way way better mic for sensitive material , whereas Loud material , I am not sure yet ,… I will have to do a Side by Side ( with Stereo Mics ??? LOL)  better yet A/B  kind of test with the two at high Volume situations ( Maybe TAIKO drums or Thunderstorm )

If you use the mic Outside , it is an absolute MUST that you have really good Wind protection , NO OPTIONS , …… get the Rycote Ball type for it , I am planning on that myself , I think a Rode Blimp with Dead Cat , might not be quite enough , especially if it gets good and breezy.   For this mic , multiple layers of wind protection , is a good idea . ( this is where I can get away with more on the Beyer MCE-72 as it is nowhere near as sensitive)

The Capsule design on this is NOT an X/Y 120º pattern the Capsules are actually Back to Back at 180º  !!!  but the Circuitry gives a bit of the X/Y information to the signal , I could wish for a Switch to turn that off and just have true Binaural pattern to use at times , but what I hear is pretty close to In Between Binaural and X/Y in a good way . Much more space than my AT-822 or the Beyer MCE-72 , Much wider field or Sound Stage . But in a natural way .

All in All , I like this mic , and with Wind Proofing I think I will get a lot of Outdoor sounds and city samples with this mic .

Stereotomy Rating = 8.5 out of 10

Welcome addition to the family.

It isnt often

That I am not completely happy with a repair when  it leaves my shop , ….because I am good at what I do …..

But in this case I was rushed , and under pressure , as the customer has places he wishes to go , and well leaving his ax behind isn’t an option .

But leave it did , and All the fine detail stuff of setting it up properly didn’t get done .

Intonation , Action Height , and Neck Balancing ( we are talking about a fretless here )

A Fretless bass is a Balancing act , and I am pretty good at it . But it takes time , a fair amount of time to get it perfect . And that is how I like to give it to my customer is already perfected …… In this case he couldn’t wait .

I got it close …. Playable indeed , but not to the nuance that makes a fretless sing .

The Music store owner whom this repair came thru was sitting here in my house waiting for me to finish , at 1 am in the morning much to my wife’s chagrin ( oh I am going to hear about this one trust me ….. ) She gets up at 5 am ….. so this wasn’t good in any way .

I am drinking a beer , and preparing to lick the wounds I will get tomorrow … But the hidden wounds , of knowing that this repair wasnt up to my usual stellar standards ,….that hurts worse …… I hate this feeling …….


Off tomorrow to roll sound for an interview ( have to go through a Typhoon to get there !)

1 hour job, …. hour and a half train ride …. TYPHOON blowing , rain , wet, windy…….

But ,  Not an option …. I Go ! ,   one of my favourite camera people , Marc Albert of Radioactive Films , ……..cool studio gig , and the work gets done by me or by someone else .  NOT an option. I GO!

Normally this isn’t a big issue . Grab an Audio bag , Mics , Boom and go , but this time just GOING requires a Strategy ! We have a pretty decent Typhoon blowing . So water bagging and protection and all that jazz comes into play , and then trying to arrive to the location , NOT looking like a Drowned Rat !  ……   Puddles , just think puddles here …… with my bearded self …… not a pretty picture .

Who I will be recording leaves a pretty picture though , although I am not at liberty to discuss that ….hehehe .   A Voice actress with a fair bit of history in Japanese pop culture .

But I respect the client relationship/permissions  situations . When the Video is done IF I have a Link I will throw it to my Blog for my readers who watch the mess I leave on the web . ( My room isn’t much different  )

But life of a soundguy ,….. Your Camera guy calls ……. You go .  Regardless of the weather .


Man it is coming down out there …………………..{whimpers ever so slightly}