I got me a New (To Me) Camera >>>

I do basic Video service , Live Music , Web CM’s etc . But I had different Cameras , Different Brands , Different Types , as a Result different images .


I love My EOS-M  , except in Low Light situations, but It takes good glass and I can do stuff with it , But my Panasonic camera did not have Interchangeable lenses or BOKEH to really work with and just could not match the images up .

Today I received a Canon EOS-M3 , early morning and promptly put an SD card in it and my Vintage 50mm F1.4 lens on it to test it out .

I now have two somewhat matching cameras for much better transition between angles of shots and will make editing a breeze as I wont constantly be having to try and Match footage from one to the other .

But here is my little intro . With a song that has words that mean a LOT to me as they truly resonate with they way people treat each other at times , and in Japan I have experienced this a LOT . But I will in fact Keep on Dreamin’


Music by Amos Lee :  First Album , Song “Dreamin’  ”



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