Life gets weird at times.

(Updated , It didnt happen , No Desk , rats)

Much like weather , Droughts , Famine , Torrential Rain , and Hurricanes , …….
But where is that” sweet soft summer breeze ”   … It is strictly of your own making .

Luck and timing may have something to do with it , But Fortune Favours the bold , as it is said . Chances come when you’re not ready , the trick is to not appear to be ready , and invite chances to come . Even if it is haphazard , if you can make the effort to catch something you might just .

Like this , I need a Real Recording Desk that has the Rackmounts underneath and dropouts in the Table Top for a Mixing console , I like having things organised and Properly fit . In Japan …. No One Makes those tables anymore . Space is a premium in this country , and If you can afford Studio Space you more that likely going to fill it with a Standalone full size Console . I have a 12 Tatami room . ….. A Big Mixer isn’t going in here .

To Buy one means outside Japan then Shipping . ( Unless there just happens to be somewhere here I do not know of )

A New Friend of mine , Camera guy , with lots of history . Just decided to clean out all his old ,.. Analogue gear …. Including a Mixing Table like I described above . The only problem is I have to go get it,…..Thru Tokyo Trains and Crowds and Station hops , Several different trains to get there . An Investment in of itself .

Carrying it here will not be likely , so  Rolling Cart , and Taking the Table apart and fitting flat enough to cart it , Then I might just be able to do this .

Cart Plus Trains there and Back and Food as it is a Day trip for me . I figure about 60 bucks.  Plus Time when I have 3 projects going . that really need to get done .

But If I don’t go get it, ….. it will be trashed ….and that would be a waste .

So Opportunity knocks , I am Haphazardly prepared for it , It will be with significant effort to get it here , and set it up ( Put it all back together ) ,….. That part maybe can wait a few days , But getting it here is a priority . then the right Console to go into it . One of the small format Pro level mixers , that will fit the dropout in the table top .  My Tiny Studio will be what I want it to be .



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