We Cry Not for Kings….. Lest….

We Cry not for Kings , Lest they be good .

The Magician and Court Jester are who Lift our mood .

Friends of the common they are to us , yet separate and seemingly made of stuff like stardust.

They are the Distraction from the loads we bare , The weight on our shoulders, the cause of our tears .

Yet we honour them not whilst they are here …. only when they leave and then are gone .

We live on a Planet , now in a state of flux , where strife and diversion , pain and aversion , violence and drama , and someones baby mama .

We are humans , one and each and all , Lest we stand all,  or we all fall .

The Magician has left us , and the joy that remains , are the legacy he left , the songs , the sound ,….. and the Purple Rain …….


1958-2016 , one of the most important musicians and truly a Magician

One of the reasons I play guitar .  There are tears in my eyes . I will not be shy about saying it either .





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