People who manipulate the facts

An Agreement = One Side Agreeing with the Other for Specific needs and or services

Those being stated clearly Beforehand . Both parties understanding the Issues involved .

Then one party Changes and or Obscures the Above arrangement AFTER the agreement is made , and begins to ADD , and or Modify the Agreement on Assumption , expecting that it will still be done .

Really ?

Be careful what You agree to . Just had an experience where this occured

In This case , a Statement was made that ALL Materials for the job were already secured and ready . And a Time limit of x Date was stated . But then it was found that after the agreement had been made that only Half of the material was there , and None of what what actually needed for the first stage of work to be done . Thus eating the Time limit up .

Is it  My Fault ?   Why should I bear the brunt of someone elses irrresposibility ?

3 days left , and the emails start coming ( Have you finished it yet ) when the material had just been given to me that should have been there 2 weeks prior , according to the statement given , and I was not even getting paid for this gig .


Wow …… OK , I had to let go of that Quickly . Not my Problem .

First email , Clearly Stated We have ALL the Material Ready , No you didnt , That is a Falsehood  plain and simple .

And secondly telling me that you could not pay me , yet offer me something other that would have come very close to equalling the money I asked for .

Manipulation ….. is a foul word to me .

Dont ask for my work for free .


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