We Cry Not for Kings….. Lest….

We Cry not for Kings , Lest they be good .

The Magician and Court Jester are who Lift our mood .

Friends of the common they are to us , yet separate and seemingly made of stuff like stardust.

They are the Distraction from the loads we bare , The weight on our shoulders, the cause of our tears .

Yet we honour them not whilst they are here …. only when they leave and then are gone .

We live on a Planet , now in a state of flux , where strife and diversion , pain and aversion , violence and drama , and someones baby mama .

We are humans , one and each and all , Lest we stand all,  or we all fall .

The Magician has left us , and the joy that remains , are the legacy he left , the songs , the sound ,….. and the Purple Rain …….


1958-2016 , one of the most important musicians and truly a Magician

One of the reasons I play guitar .  There are tears in my eyes . I will not be shy about saying it either .





People who manipulate the facts

An Agreement = One Side Agreeing with the Other for Specific needs and or services

Those being stated clearly Beforehand . Both parties understanding the Issues involved .

Then one party Changes and or Obscures the Above arrangement AFTER the agreement is made , and begins to ADD , and or Modify the Agreement on Assumption , expecting that it will still be done .

Really ?

Be careful what You agree to . Just had an experience where this occured

In This case , a Statement was made that ALL Materials for the job were already secured and ready . And a Time limit of x Date was stated . But then it was found that after the agreement had been made that only Half of the material was there , and None of what what actually needed for the first stage of work to be done . Thus eating the Time limit up .

Is it  My Fault ?   Why should I bear the brunt of someone elses irrresposibility ?

3 days left , and the emails start coming ( Have you finished it yet ) when the material had just been given to me that should have been there 2 weeks prior , according to the statement given , and I was not even getting paid for this gig .


Wow …… OK , I had to let go of that Quickly . Not my Problem .

First email , Clearly Stated We have ALL the Material Ready , No you didnt , That is a Falsehood  plain and simple .

And secondly telling me that you could not pay me , yet offer me something other that would have come very close to equalling the money I asked for .

Manipulation ….. is a foul word to me .

Dont ask for my work for free .

Off to record tonight With the Tascam DR680mk2

Acoustic Duet , Percussionist is Multitimbral , so he will be switching instruments throughout the night , The Acoustic Guitarist/Vocalist will mainly be just that .

So I am thinking Either the Sony ECM-999 in front of the percussionist on a short stand angled slightly up and it will give me control over the stereo spread and I can centre up the Percussion but still get width out of it , Then Rode NT5 on the Guitar , and backed away bit , Like from my table a Rode NTG2 shotgun aimed at the Vocals . Depends on the sound system . I can also just go simply stereo with the ECM-999 out in front for a general Live feel , and just record 2 track to the 680 , Choices are nice to have .

Their setup


I will be sitting off to the right side of the Picture , with a table and a Clamp with a short boom arm for the NTG2 , Why the Shotgun mic ?

Well I could take bleeds of the House sound if I wanted to , but that is going to be a VERY direct sound and not as Live as I would like , Secondly if He moves around or gets OFF Axis of the Stage mic , That will get unbalanced , whereas if I am back a few feet His movement won’t matter as much , and it will be a More open sound , Also as it is a shotgun it has a Narrower pickup pattern , and will help to isolate his vocals just a bit in the recording from all the other instruments , It won’t be perfect but t will be much better on the POST Process side of things . With The ECM-999 down on the floor ( about 1.5 feet off the floor ) and facing the percussion I can get a good Solid centre field to fill up space and add Meat to the Audio Image , Bottom end is pretty good on that mic .

Alternatively , I have the LSM with me as well , and If I record just stereo I can put the LSM down in front of the Percussion and the Stereo ECM-999 will be raised up  and catch the mixture of the PA system and Raw vocals and guitar while the LSM grabs the Bottom end and Centre to fatten it all up a bit .

Will post about it tomorrow maybe with some screenshots


Designing your Audio Rig .

There are Standards for work level , pro level production , then there ar personal tastes which are acquired over time . Recording is an ART ,don’t forget that.

Anyone can record , BUT , Not everyone can understand how to get from recording to the finished product . And many Spend time copying others gear lists thinking they will get the same sound . Not gonna happen , Knowledge has to go with it . HOW to use stuff.

I have my own style of recording , I like it I believe in it . It is intrinsic to me . I come from experiences and time . I think The Main question to ask yourself is what do you really WANT to record , and build around that idea , but you have to be honest with yourself asking that question . This shit gets expensive .

I LIKE , Baroque music , when it is LIVE , I listen occasionally at home , But Live I am mesmerised , The Feel and Sound of the Wood , The Violin Viola , Cello , Flute ( Also Wood , They did not have Modern Boehm system flutes then ) I also like recording that stuff. So I imagine my Basic Setup around that , but the same setup works for a Jazz Quartet as well .

Acoustic Duet with Vocals , etc , Stationary Film Rig for Location sound , All actually kinda works the same way depending on the size of the situation.

Here is my Current project .


6 Channel Mic/Line Mixer with pan controls , and a stereo compressor limiter , in the rack.

On top , Two interfaces to choose from further adding channels and digital routing ability , plus a headphone amp to send out to monitors or musicians as need be.

I can work wonders with this setup .