I have talked about the Canon XC-10 Before

And I said , that or at least alluded to , A Tool in the hands of someone who knows how to use it , will get results . The XC-10 has been bashed and some very harsh things said across the web , Some of it deserved but I think a Lot of Parroting is happening wherein the person speaking has never even seen or used the camera . Oh well.

I found this video today , Completely shot on the XC-10 from a Young film guy I believe in South Africa ?? Not sure , but will investigate more . THIS is what Shooting For the Edit or with a View to the edit looks like .

Have a Story in your head , Somewhat Already mapped out , and Gathering footage to match the storyline Almost already halfway Developed before it even gets to the computer for editing . I suggest watching it several times because there are Timing Details that you WILL miss the first time around , Matching the beat and structure of the music , In very minute details ( Song already in head probably ) The use of C-log , and very personal taste in the final image . I have to say . This was very well done . Slick doesn’t quite cut it , Sick would go there for those with that lingo , Straight DOPE , auuuummmmm Hard to actually find words , so here , just watch it .(Full Screen is real nice)


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