TAXES ,…are done !

I spent ALLL DAYYYYY at the Yokohama Tax centre , mostly standing in Line ( God there were so many people there ) Tax deadline is actually tomorrow , so no wonder . I mean there were a LOT of people there .

I was surprised at the number of OLD people though to tell the truth , I mean after retirement I thought Taxes were done if you were not an Investor or Business person , etc . I was standing right behind this rather young 91 years old lady , spritely indeed , but knees and lower back reminding her that it is the Autumn of life . Sweet lady though .

And Yep ,….she was filing Taxes ……

The Saying goes , Only two sure things in life , Death and Taxes , But she seemed to be staving off one side of that statement quite well .

But yes , For the first time since I have been in Japan , I filed Taxes , I registered the Name Tiny Bird Productions  early in the fiscal year , So Taxes then become a responsibility I cannot avoid .

And to tell you the truth , even though it was quite troublesome to do . When I dropped the folder into the Bin for the finished paperwork . It felt good .  I mean my spirits lifted a bit and my self esteem got a slight boost . My Business just felt that much more legitimate .

It was raining cats and dogs outside , and maybe even a few large mice to boot , and I didnt care , I was in a great mood when I left there , ( quite possibly the fact that I may have something coming back to me out of it all might have helped that mood !!)

But it was a tiny adventure in a Country not my own . But feeling more like home in some ways as it goes along .


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