Was supposed to do sound Today BUT >>>

The weather is shall we say , LESS than co-operative , rain and lots of it.

But I had a chance to test out the RODE Filmmaker Kit with my Audio Bag setup , And was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality , Very Natural not overly Boomy or Midrangy , (Honk)  you who do sound will know exactly what I mean.

It is very easy to setup , in fact I didn’t even need to use the Pairing function ( Buttons on the back under the battery cover ) I turned on the receiver first , and it started searching right away , Then I turned on the transmitter and just set the matching channel , and bang they were connected .

The Input gain on the transmitter o,-10,-20 DB respectively means You can use the transmitter with a number of different sources . Including the Video Micro , Camera Mic Rode has out that runs on Plug In Power .

Or a Battery powered mic like the RODE NTG2 ,  with the right cable . Giving you a wireless BOOM MIC ( OH YES , I WILL be using THAT function in the very near future .

Second Boom , I can run 2 booms from My Audio bag with this setup . That Means I can enlist a slave ( bwahahahahaha ) Oiling my Leather whip now LOL .

Here is how that Would work best ,

Make the right cables , Use my Tascam DR10CS , and set it up with the Sennhieser connections as that is what the MICON1 connector RODE supplies matches I believe.

Then use a short TRS -TRS patch cable ( Which I have plenty of) to connect the DR10CS to the RODE Transmitter .

That gives a Mono ISO track 24bit 48KHz direct from the boom and a Headphone out for the operator from the DR10CS ( Not a Great HP out but enough to hear where the mic is. ) Then the Direct out from the DR10CS will feed the Transmitter to the Audio bag  and that signal gets mixed with the rest of the stuff .

Great thinking RODES !


But alas It is Raining HARD today , so something else I will do .



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