RODE Filmmaker Wireless Kit

Arrived this morning , And the Packaging and Presentation alone first off , garnered some respect . The Box inside a Sleeve that when the sleeve is removed the Box inside is a 2 part fold open like a book presentation . Pretty damn cool if I say so myself .

Receiver on one side of the open folded container , and transmitter on the other . Each with their respective items , For example The Transmitter side contains the Mic and Attachments and the FURRY for the Mic ( YES !!! )  The Wind Furry is usually a separate purchase I think ( I will need to check that )  But YES YES YES , Wind Protection !

The Units themselves RX / TX  , feel pretty good , a Nice heft to them to give a sturdy feel . If I take care of them ( which I take care of all my gear )  I don’t feel like they will be easily damaged . That is a nice feeling .

Next , The Antennae are internal …Need I say more ?   No Broken Antennas …. Snags and Drags caught on clothing or whatever ……. Done . I like that .

2.4 ghz ,  That means I should get a pretty clear signal . Wireless is a conundrum , There are no perfect Wireless systems , and the truly pro systems that are Hollywood level are ridiculously expensive , What you get is Interference elimination and rejection of a much higher order . and on a Movie set where you have Many actors /actresses /characters running around where a Boom just simply can’t go , You do wireless and ambient miking .

Those Pro packs are also SMALL , Tiny and easily Hidden , But You pay an extreme premium for that .

These Are not small , They are larger and bulkier , so Upper body shots and interview style stuff is not a problem , but wide shots will require careful placement and hiding the TX Pack in clothing or under Jacket , Shoulder Bag (Purse ) for the Ladies , etc .

But , as an interesting side note even though they are not that small , They ARE Dual Power sourced , The Micro USB port on the Side can be used for POWER . On a Camera Rig , like a Caged System where you have Monitor and Lights , Rack Focus , and other stuff , You have also power sources for all that gear on your cage , The Amount of weight added is nominal , and with the ability to power it along with the other gear in the cage means it becomes part of the system . Fixed and Solid . Perfect for run and gun setups.

The Rode LAV mic is included , and IT is indeed one of my favourite LAV mics there is . For the price of the Mic alone compared to Countryman , Shure or Letro , or Sennheiser , I like the sound of the Rode LAV better . It is warm , Natural , and good gain . I have one and use it with a Tascam DR10CS body pack recorder ( ZERO Interference) and it sounds great .

That is the Crux of the Whole issue right there , It Comes as a Complete Set , You don’t have to go search for a Mic or Wind Furry , or Brackets . You put some Batteries in and Go.

RODE Rocks.

So It the coming days as I get some time , I will make a Presentation Video .

RODE Filmmaker Kit ,    The Consumer version of a truly Pro Product .

If you are a budding filmmaker, You owe it to yourself to get this .



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