Making sure all your gear works

Do you test all your gear the day before a session ?  You should .

Do you depend on you gear to just simply perform when you turn it on ? Well We should be able to BUT , Some companies simply do not care enough about what they do to build stuff to that specification .

That is why I have multiple interfaces , just in case one fails , Or isn’t acting like it should .

A Client when they come to you , DEPENDS on YOU , and the service your going to provide . That DATA set you record for them needs to be material they can actually Use for their project , It should not detract from their idea in any way whatsoever . That is what I strive for , Is to give that type of material to them at the end of the day .

Therefore , I need My Gear to Work , and Work that way intended . That is what WE the Audio Engineers Pay for , is the Ability To Work . If the Gear doesn’t work , Then we cannot either . So to ALL the Audio companies out there , If you are cutting corners and trying to squeak out gear just to make Money off of it . and Relying on a Name Value reputation from 20 years ago to carry you , STOP. Close your doors and get out of the business .

When we use a device 8-10 times and it fails on us . What kind of reputation do you( The Corporation )  expect to have or gain from your customers ? ( US)

This is a Relationship , or do you not understand that ? It is NOT just a product distribution , it is a service that your selling , and Idea , a Concept , not just the Item .

That Idea or Concept is that WE , the USER are going to be able to capture and or create the IDEAS , the WE are carrying in Our heads. And If it is a Clients Ideas , then for us it is the ability to capture the Clients Ideas and make them a reality .

But If YOUR GEAR FAILS on us when We use it , You have sold a Lie .

Think about it .

Stop Cutting Corners , and Make shit that works .

I don’t cut corners for my clients , I give the best I can each and every time to what I have available to me . Even if it costs me some or cuts into my Budget for that project , I would rather benefit my client ,than rob them of the ability to get their project rolling.

Cut and Clear , Don’t build it if you cannot back it , Or support it .

Software, firmware , components , quality of build , If it is done right the first time , Why should it need updates every week , If it is done right the first time why should it have to be repaired after only a short amount of usage ?

Quality control comes mainly from the Passion to build it correctly to begin with , If the desire to Build good stuff isn’t there There won’t be any quality to begin with .





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