Spam …

Ahh Yes Spam , That Precipitous Canned Goodness Served as Sushi , Sandwich or some type of Mystery Hors d’oeuvre  with a Toothpick in it and an Olive .


But no not that kind of Spam , beware my friends of the Mailouts coming your way in BULK it seems these days .


There is something in them called a “Tracking Pixel ”  in other words an invisible to Image Pixel that carries a Message telling the sender you at least opened the email if you were curious enough to try to do what I do sometimes , which is to view the source code on the email so as to see if I can Trace the IP Addresses of the sender .

But now with the Tracking Pixel hidden in the file I know better .


Here is what I mean , I saved this as a Screenshot not code so it is an Image not a Text file .

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 1.07.55 PM.png


Pixel is Width=1 Height =1 , Which means you do not see it .  Your computer does however .

So Just BULK DELETE ALL SPAM from now on , As There is Something there to see , Just not for YOU.


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