So I have spent all Day Reworking….

My Studio environment , Drinking a Quite nice Japanese Whiskey , Listening to ALL KINDS of Jams thru my ESI  05 Near  Field Monitors . ( Really Like em’ )

Used to be just 2 computers , but My Kid just built me a Windows Machine with Windows 8.1 on it , Now I have to incorporate it into the system .

But Tomorrow all day Voice Over session , with a whole Passel of people in my small studio. But I have to say It is sounding mighty Nice in here right now .

Just bought the Presonus 4 Channel Headphone Amp to round things out . So here is how Stuff is setup .

Recording for tomorrow .

AKG P420 , into a Sound Devices USB Pre2 , in Standalone mode , Running Digital Out (S/P-DIF) into the Tascam UH7000 ( to Make use of the Compressor and or EQ or De-Esser then into the  Presonus HP4 , with the USB from the UH7000 going into the Macbook Pro .

The ESI Monitors are connected to the Presonus HP4 , and the Mono Stereo switch is extremely handy to have to check your mix in heavy tracking . Make sure you don’t have Phase issues ( Mono is what Shows that ) Plus the Monitor controls to Adjust the output is so cool having it separated from the headphone outs . Love that .  Has a Monitor Mute switch as well to just simply shut them off . It doesn’t pop either , way cool !

sitting next to the UH7000 is my Novation Launch Control fader setup , so if I am multi tracking then I have that control as well .

Thinking tomorrow is going to be a good day .  Yep . Feels like it >


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