Cleaning the Studio

It is amazing how messy things can get when you are not paying attention. Most of my work the past few months has been outside where I recorded and just just dropped the DATA to the client . Or Instrument repairs , so I havent really been in my Recording Studio except to just drop boxes , or put stuff out of the way ( It sort of became a Temporary STORAGE ROOM ( Cue Evil Dark Ominous Music here) The sin of all Audio Sins …..

The Studio is a Sacred place , You don’t store stuff there ( Well at least you’re not supposed to anyway )

But as I live in Japan , and Space is a Premium here , My Studio is a Room in my House that has been sort of converted .  I dont have a Vocal Booth and Drum Room , or Isolation Cabinets I have a 15 foot by 18 foot room ,  With Stuff in it .

Just happens to be Cool stuff in it !!!

But alas , It does need to be ORGANISED cool stuff as I have a client / friend coming TOMORROW MORNING  for a 4 hour recording session !!!!!!, AGGGGGHHHHHHHH .

Yep , need to clean the Studio ….. And Make Coffee.


Wish me Luck ,….I’m going in >>>>>  {Flashlight and Weapons in hand}



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