CD Baby Uses uncool tactics

Want to read an interesting story ? I have one for you .

And Emails to go with it .

You see I have a Youtube channel as well , and I had a Video  under Copyright Dispute .  I Do NOT Monetise my channel , That isnt what my Channel is for . For My viewers when I post a video, They deserve to see something Honest . And as that is my Stance I do NOT put or allow ads on my channel .

Imagine a Company Placing ads on YOUR VIDEO without communicating to you in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER .  You just go to your channel one day and find a claim against one of your creations in which THEY have monetised YOUR video . And are attemping to make money off of YOUR Video ,……Without your Knowledge  or approval .

This is a direct violation of international laws . As Well as Many Local and Federal laws .

Your  Youtube Channel has Usage Policies , and you have to abide by them , but you ALSO Have to defend them or you could lose without proper cause .

Anyway Long story short , I had permission to use the Music I was using as the Band are in Fact PERSONAL friends of mine .  I took necessary steps  , fought back , and They backed down .

You HAVE to defend your channel , and your Intellectual property . Do not forget that .



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