On This Day…….

It was Feb 1 , I was visiting my Mom in Texas before we moved to Japan, and I had a Nice pair of Vixen Binoculars .

The Shuttle was about to come in for re-entry , so I was setup outside waiting .

I was scanning the western horizon looking for a glow in the sky , I saw the glints of light develop as it was moving closer to our part of the sky . I Trained the Binocs on the light , and watched the steady stream of fire , then I sensed something was wrong , I said so , but As usual , Mom doesnt listen , Instead I get “Oh that is normal we’ve watched her come in before ”   I Respond loudly ” NO , Something is WRONG , Pieces are coming off the Shuttle I see it ”  So everyone runs inside to turn on the news .

I stay outside Binocs trained ,and clearly in focus ……


On this day , Feb. 1 , 2003   I watched this , in realtime .


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