The Grace of all that is Firefly

Serenity , The Companion , River , The Journey , well yeah maybe the Captain ,

But the story . Always was good .

But the Companion ….. Ms Baccarin ….le sigh …..


So Tomorrow I Film .

Off to Chiba , to Film an Interview , Taking 2 cameras , Lights , 3 Mics , (2 Lapels 1 Shotgun)

Clamps and gadgets , stuff and junk . cables and batteries .

( You know how much all that stuff weighs ???)

Cart …..nuff said .

Lets see how it goes !

I’m Stupid Right?


Federal Reserve Board issued final amendments to Regulation HH  management standards and final revisions to part I of the Policy on  Payment System Regulation HH payment management standards apply to  financial market utilities that have been designated as systemically  important by the Financial Stability Oversight Council and for which the  Board has standard-setting authority pursuant to Title VIII of the  Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Part I of the  Federal Reserve Policy on Payment System  sets forth the Board’s views  and related standards.

We have sent a letter to your house/office address three times and all the mails WERE returned back via US Post office as unclaimed and the bearer unknown.We know you are not dead hence the need to write you again via this medium.

The US Federal Reserve Bank wish to officially inform you that an  ATM card number: 3774 xxxx xxxx xxxx worth Two Million Five Hundred Thousand($2.5 Million USD) has been credited in your favor in bid to compensate you on your  payment since you are next on our inheritance file for the second part of this fiscal Year 2016.The card center will send you an ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw your money in any ATM MACHINE in the world This is because all beneficiaries’ with  ATM CARD PAYMENT including you  “must pass through  what is called verifiable “Payment Documentation /  Payment Confirmation” process.Note you can make a cash advance at any bank with this card and transfer to your current credit card       Whereby, every beneficiary, including you ” must Provide/Secure the BVBA”  as required inorder  to collect your payment .We do have a very sensitive information on you that will be of important interest to you.So it is very compulsory that you reply this email.A copy of the virtual card will be emailed to you if you want to use it electronically.     PLEASE FORWARD YOUR NAME FOR PROPER PROCESSING,



Janet Yellen

Chairman /Ceo

Federal Reserve Bank

Constitution Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20551, United States TEL/Fax: (202) 502-4688

Oh Yeah , like I am going to fall for that ……. I hope none of my readers fall for this kind of crap . Please don’t  ,  Please be more intelligent than that .

Geeshh , This is almost Political level of stupid .

Just Tested Magic Lantern

On my EOS-M , I wanted to wait until they got it more stable , as the first series of releases were experimental basically .

I love the focus peaking , I mean LOVE with capital letters . Then add to it I now have an Intervalometer , Oh Man did I want that . TimeLapse ability !!  With Vintage Lenses.

Yesterday I went for a walk with the Wife , and we went to a Park near where we live , Plum Blossoms blooming , Birds sipping nectar , a Squirrel or two running thru the trees , and People Everywhere .

I shot some pix , took some video , etc , got it Home and just wasn’t happy with what I got , So I finally broke down and went to Magic Lanterns website and downloaded .

This morning Testing it out and learning how to navigate it , Many help files missing and other anomalies , but the main functions are there , Focus Peaking , PIP Focus assist ( OH yeah!!) and my absolute favourite AUDIO METERS < OMG !!!! AUDIO FRIKKING METERS !!!

You might as well have given me well trained  Sharks with Frikking Lazer Beams on their heads !!

Nothing matters more to an Audio Guy , that Audio Meters . I Want to see what is coming into the Audio Track . And Now I can . YAY!

The Lens I am playing with this morning is a Vintage 105mm F3.5 Prime lens

F stops from  F3.5 – F22  , and with the Adapter Lock ring I can close down the Aperture on the lens to 22 , and use the Aperture Lock ring to smooth flow my Aperture from 22 up to 3.5 , Which mean fade ins and outs  and real time light adjustment .

The 105mm Lens Has a minimum focus distance of about 1.2 meters with the Adapter and APS-C sensor of the EOS-M  and with the 1.6 crop factor it is actually about a 170 mm focal length .

From 10 feet I have a good full frame of subject matter . Close up almost , at 15 feet I get mid shot .

This means I can put some distance between me and my Subject allowing more freedom of expression , and less intimidation .

I have another Vintage 35-70 that I like a lot ,it is F4 , and my vintage Nifty 50 at F1.4

The Kit EF lens which is a Modern lens , I use it , but I am just not really happy with it , It doesn’t focus well in AUTO and the image quality just doesn’t appeal to me as much as the Vintage lenses do .

But now with Magic Lantern on the M , Maybe I can tweak some better stuff out of that lens , We will see .

Looking forward to the next update from Magic Lantern , The” Stable Build “would be nice.

Apple vs FBI

No ,…. in one word ..


Yes , I feel , Yes I understand the pain of the Parents who lost their Child and those who lost friends and Family members in that tragedy .

But The Government has a Consistent Track record of taking way more that the inch given , It will not Just be that one iPhone , or Apple device , They WILL use what they learn from it to reverse engineer it and invade every single Apple device on the planet . Do NOT even think for one minute that they will not do that .

THAT is what APPLE is trying to tell you the users and public without openly saying it as they do not wish to be offensive about it . But there it is .


The internet has become a Market Place , with Black Markets , Good Markets , Greedy Markets , and Entrepenureal adventures .

It use to be about information and Ideas . A Platform for Sharing .

Now it is losing ground to Rules, Regulations , and Profiteering .

My Blog is a Place where mainly I wanted to just share stuff about Audio Gear , and or How to do stuff for the Amateur recordist who just wanted to learn something . Sharing my Knowledge  But I have a Habit of reading the News on a daily basis , and it is really hard to not Rant about what I read .

Most of the time I don’t . But this one I had to.

In this case , as Painful as it is . Apple is correct . What Apple COULD do , is Take the data off the Phone and give it to the FBI , but Not the Phone itself or the software keys .

That won’t happen though because the FBI will not let go of that Phone


CD Baby Uses uncool tactics

Want to read an interesting story ? I have one for you .

And Emails to go with it .

You see I have a Youtube channel as well , and I had a Video  under Copyright Dispute .  I Do NOT Monetise my channel , That isnt what my Channel is for . For My viewers when I post a video, They deserve to see something Honest . And as that is my Stance I do NOT put or allow ads on my channel .

Imagine a Company Placing ads on YOUR VIDEO without communicating to you in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER .  You just go to your channel one day and find a claim against one of your creations in which THEY have monetised YOUR video . And are attemping to make money off of YOUR Video ,……Without your Knowledge  or approval .

This is a direct violation of international laws . As Well as Many Local and Federal laws .

Your  Youtube Channel has Usage Policies , and you have to abide by them , but you ALSO Have to defend them or you could lose without proper cause .

Anyway Long story short , I had permission to use the Music I was using as the Band are in Fact PERSONAL friends of mine .  I took necessary steps  , fought back , and They backed down .

You HAVE to defend your channel , and your Intellectual property . Do not forget that .