It is nice to get noticed>>>

I take pics , .. yeah I mean like I do video and sound etc , but , Pictures or Photography is a more personal thing .

I usually have some camera with me when I go out . Not a full pro rig , Just something I can throw in the backpack and not worry to much about it .

It is THAT kind photography , just catching the stuff that catches your eye and stuff that no one else is looking at even though it is right in front of them .

No heavy editing , or over colourisation , heavy filtering in post , I try to just use my aperture settings , shutter speeds, ISO and maybe an ND filter on the lens . Field of View ( Focal Distance changes perspective quite dramatically. )

So , I just catch what I see , and use mostly the available light , but use the camera itself to work it into a little more than what is there

I got this this morning from My Viewbug stream .

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 6.26.15 AM.png


Kinda Nice , I like this .





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