Hey Tascam Should I sell my>>>(Updated)

(Below is a rant and feelings that many shared across the web , BUT , The Software has been updated and in a GOOD way . Version 1.30rc4 for Mac has been released and WORKS ) 

Look, I am tired of waiting for you  IT DOES NOT TAKE 3 months to correct a software issue for any other Audio company on the PLANET that has any foothold in the Music /Audio World .

The UH7000 has been non functional for 3 months now . Because YOUR software Does not work . Period .

This is not USER ERROR .   This is Failure to keep up with technological changes in the computer environment .

The UH7000 is a Computer Connected AUDIO Interface , and As such needs to be adjusted to match the Operating systems requirements or said computer . IE , If the OS gets Updated then the Interface must also MATCH .


I have my UH7000 in the Box , ready to leave my studio.

I need what works . Not a Paperweight.


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