TV Series “The 100”

An exposure of the complexity of Human weakness and struggle for power and self preservation . I have watched most of the series so far , and it started off a little MEH but got deeper as it went along.

Now , it is at the level of death or deal . And the Human weakness is shown .

Finn , Killed a Village full of people , Now the People he killed want revenge , or Justice .

The One life in exchange for the Village and a Truce .

What would you do ?  You have to watch it in context to make the decision. But a Hard one indeed , Because if Justice isn’t met , The Whole Village dies .

And Kept watching thru the whole series

Season 2 Ep16 , Blood for Blood .

Tough Choices , But the film kinda got repeating of the issues


Working on a Budget

Yeah we all know that song ( Well most of us anyway ) ESPECIALLY if your a freelancer still building your setup .

What song you ask ?  “Money too tight ta Mention” ( Google it )

I want more Gear , well maybe not so much MORE but BETTER . And it doesn’t come cheap .

Today I had a stroke of good fortune , Last night browsing online for USED gear as I cannot afford it new most of the time , I Spotted a Mic I have been wanting in my arsenal for a while , but just no extra funds to get it .

AKG makes great mics,  especially in the Top end of their microphones , I had a matched set of C214’s but traded 1 of them off to an up and coming Russian Guitarist that came to my studio . ( Got a SWEET set of OKTAVA mics in exchange )  But it left me One down on Big Condenser mics in my Studio . I have plenty of Pencils .

So Last night I spied an AKG P420 Multi Pattern mic used but in Mint condition ( I DO MEAN PRISTINE too)

For 100 bux .   YEAH !! I sold a couple things , Raided the piggy bank for coins scrounged thru the couch crevices , and scraped up just enough to go get it .

I took my Sound Devices USB Pre2 , Preamp to test it with at the store . Even the Clerk was impressed , and said to me , ” Wow , I tested the mic myself in a mixer , But I didn’t get  THAT sound from it !”

( DUH! )  Cheap Mixers just don’t have the Preamp needed .

I am a Happy camper , With the P420 and my C214 in paired setups , I have a Nice Blumlein Pair , or Really decent Mid/Side setup and with the Sound Devices USB Pre2 as the Interface I believe strongly that I can provide some seriously satisfactory results using that setup.

Plus I had just enough left over to hit Burger King in Shibuya ………..

Been a Good Day . Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.50.47 PM.png

Tascam UH7000 Update Version 1.30rc4

Ok Boys and Girls . Get ready for playtime .

For the Minimalist setup , lets just say Tascam restored some seriously broken broken confidences across the web .

If you are on a Mac , and did the El Capitan update only to be shocked and find out some of your gear ( Including the UH7000 was no longer functional )

Most companies were quick to fix the issue , But Tascam was unable to respond in kind and it took 3 months to get it out ( and Secretly I know why but will not divulge ) What I can say , is that It will not happen like that again . They are taking very serious steps to regain balance here . Good job .

Well What do I think about the version 1.30rc4 update …… Two Words ” IT WORKS !!!!!”

One of the complaints I have read is that is standalone mode you could not get the Digital Inputs to work .

Well , You do need to set it up in the Mixer panel first , but then you save the Settings to the UH7000 and in standalone mode the Digital inputs will work .

In Multimix mode one of the problems was using the Digital inputs with the Analogue inputs at the same time , No longer a problem ( at least not on my system )

I did a test recording with a Sound Devices USB Pre2  using the SPDIF output with adapter cable to the AES/EBU input on the UH7000 , In the Mixer panel set the AES digital to SPDIF

I did a 4 channel recording with only channel 3 getting signal , (Digital input 1 )

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 2.40.22 PM.png

and as you can see , I have good signal with no dropouts or digital hash , channel 3 is nice and clear .

In Stereo Mix mode I was able to also utilise the Mixer panel to record a Skype conversation with a very good friend of mine who is a storyteller of sorts ( more on that another time)

But the Skype call comes thru the Computer input 1&2 faders ( just link those together) and comes back out of the master output ( which is what gets recorded )

So 4 channels input plus computer sound mixed to the master out resulting in a stereo file instead of multitrack . Useful indeed .

I will probably do a vid in the next couple of days as I am kind of house bound at the moment . ( Right shoulder and back are reminding me of how stupid I was as a younger person )

Anyway , Kudos to the Software people for fixing this . The UH7000 is an elegant device , and it sounds good . Take care of it .


Yeah , I use it with a Sound Devices level preamp , It compares .



My Kid is Cool

Yeah ok man , I know it’s the Digital age and any and everything is on the web .

But I don’t partake as much, I research , Browse , Gather data on gear on the Audio world , Spend some time on Youtube , but ….. Basically web for me is Email , and basics .

Movies I tend to scavenge  , used DVD’s , etc .

Well , He got a sub to Netflix and without telling me just added me to his account .

” Here Dad , click this ”   Next thing I know , I am watching Keith Richards ” Under The Influence ”

With a glass of whiskey in my hand .

Yep , my Kid is cool .


It is nice to get noticed>>>

I take pics , .. yeah I mean like I do video and sound etc , but , Pictures or Photography is a more personal thing .

I usually have some camera with me when I go out . Not a full pro rig , Just something I can throw in the backpack and not worry to much about it .

It is THAT kind photography , just catching the stuff that catches your eye and stuff that no one else is looking at even though it is right in front of them .

No heavy editing , or over colourisation , heavy filtering in post , I try to just use my aperture settings , shutter speeds, ISO and maybe an ND filter on the lens . Field of View ( Focal Distance changes perspective quite dramatically. )

So , I just catch what I see , and use mostly the available light , but use the camera itself to work it into a little more than what is there

I got this this morning from My Viewbug stream .

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 6.26.15 AM.png


Kinda Nice , I like this .




Ziggy Stardust has Left the Stage

The artistic Shakespearean twist of the Mad Mind of Sir David Bowie , has left us as of just over an hour ago , I opened the news to read more garbage about the GOP and whatever propaganda the news was going to offer , but instead was presented with the shock of reading the an Inspiration and Constant contributor to the Music of the past 30 plus years is gone .

Major Tom has actually left the Capsule and is now headed off into Deep Space , To The Constellations my friend , A Drink I will raise and songs will be played .

Jan 11 2016 , RIP -Ziggy Stardust