Tascam DR-44WL

I am looking at it for some video purposes , and examining the Interwebs for detail usage reviews and information , Most of the Reviewers have no idea about Sound gear , or Menus in any detail , so a lot of what I watch is the “Look at Me and What I have ” kind of vibe and not ” Here is how it works”  . Big Difference .  I want to hear it , and See it , in use and proper opinions of how it fits the workflow , Pluses and Minuses .

But I saw this video , The Song itself is Heartbreaking ( Lyrics man Lyrics) and the Duet actually sound really good . But I wanted a field recording man did I get one. Enjoy this , I mean really grab a cup of tea , and Listen .


Not bad at all , for location impromptu events this could be useful indeed .

Seems like  Dr-44WL has Bugs , I mean geeesh FOUR firmware updates in under a year ( WHY OH WHY , not get it right the first time ???)

But with the Bugs included and working around its flaws , If you had to pull off a Backpacker Quick setup and 1 Take 1 Chance gig , for say an interview plus performance of an artist or craftsmen that made Instruments , This is a very cool rig .

Mics were AT 2020 , and on Guitar (Inside the Soundhole) Applied Tech AMT-S3G Studio mic ( Sounds damn good too) Plus I think they blended just , JUST a touch of the Onboards .

The AMT S3G mic can be foundHERE 

Great job

And One more from the Guitarist with a Different Vocalist , this one with the Onboard mic clearly blended in , Great sounding video .

and just WOW , the best for last


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