day 5 of this Knife in my shoulder

Got a bit of relief today , maybe I can get normal sleep tonight with some chemical help .

I have been listening to Binaural Soundtracks , and Iso-Synchronous  audio waveforms to calm myself ( smooth soothing stuff )

Deep breathing , and just trying to relax my way thru this , Pain is malleable to some extent , depending on the type of pain . Really bad pain can cause a panic type of reaction to it and the body goes into shock , not really good as your body gets flooded with chemicals that can actually do MORE damage trying to protect itself that actually protecting .

The first few days were panic level pain , Bad , …. I mean really hurting and I can take pain , but this was off the charts , today though with the above mentioned actions , I am getting some equilibrium out if it .

We will see what the next few days holds


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