December 31 2015 , The end of the year

Is Here ,…… Wow , just sneaks up on you .

Tomorrow for us in Japan will be Jan 1 2016 . The Wife and I are talking about the first Sunrise . Depends on how I feel at 3 am . You see , the Trains in Japan will be running all night tonight , the ONLY time of the year when they do . So getting a train to the Ocean front will not be an issue , The Cold is easily anticipated , The weather is another issue .

Right now it is cloudy outside , but will it clear ? Who knows .

The Beachfront will be crowded I am sure , you see the First sunrise is a big deal in Japan , right now there are many climbing mountains (Fuji Included)  with sleeping bags and food stuffs to pass the evening and wake to the fist sunrise . So you can expect a FLOOD of videos and pictures on the inter webs , tomorrow afternoon our time .

Just do a Youtube Search of “First Sunrise Japan”   you can include Year if you want like 2015 , or prior . a LOT of results await you .

Everything from 4 k time-lapse to montages of the whole of Japan for every mountain top.

So Much so that Japan has special Flights reserved just for catching Mt Fuji in the Sunrise .


Fingerprint Banking…..???

Ok so here is the Gist , AEON Bank in Japan is going to implement Fingerprint ATM Banking , No Card needed , No Pin Needed , Just your digitalia , ( get your mind out of the gutter LOL)

But Here is the Question , :  HOW , Just HOW can they even remotely think this is a good idea , JUST after the Federal Administration in the US , Was Hacked and 5,3 MILLION sets of FINGERPRINT DATA , were stollen ?


UMM , People , THINK , THINK PLEASE THINK .   If Hackers want you to give up your Fingerprint to them , they WILL go after the ATM Database , Decode it and then have direct access to your Bank accounts .

3d Printers that can print at the micrometer level to copy your fingerprint to a silicon sleeve and there it is . They can walk up to the ATM Wearing a hoodie to hide their Identity and Place a Digit on the sensor and without a pin number , or any identification , have unfettered access to your stuff .

WE ARE in that age of technology , The Tech DOES exist , and is used on a daily basis , Prosthesis companies use it to make new parts for hands , Feet , Ears , Noses , it is use in reconstructive surgery for accident victims ,  soldiers from injuries sustained in duty , deformities from birth , etc etc etc .

Do Not believe for 1 second that it is a safe bet that this system is infallible , I can almost accurately guess that with 2 months to 3 months of it being implemented the Hackers will have cracked it . These guys are GOOD at what they do , they are SKILLED and Knowledgable , they are not just kids in the basement of moms house . They are security professionals , and avid consummate devourers of code and technique and are anxious to try there skills on every challenge they can find.

AEON , You need to rethink this .

Podcast about a Project I am on

Heirs to a Forgotten Time , is a Documentary I am shooting ( Providing my back holds up )

Some corrections to be made , In the Podcast Michael said I had been in Japan 19-20 years (  NOPE I have been here about 13 years now , But Michel was excited and over did it a bit I think )

But the rest of it is about right . Starts at 44 minutes in , the first interview is with Mark Osborne of Kung Fu Panda fame , ( Good interview ! ) the whole Podcast is well worth listening to . Just klik the link below


Life Is Pain.

Well it is for me at the moment , I am dealing with several ruptured discs, and the spaces between my vertebrae have narrowed considerably , Pressure on the nerves , my Neck and Right Shoulder are miserable .

MRI schedule for the 18th of next month ( why does it take so long ? )

It would be nice if Doctors could move at the speed of need , not at the speed of budget .

Oh The WAITING is the hardest part.

Tascam , come on , learn to stay AHEAD of the game not behind it . Operating Systems WILL be updated , Constantly , we live in a world of Security issues galore , There WILL BE UPDATES .

As such , Form a RELATIONSHIP with the Operating Systems manufacturers , So YOU KNOW when they will be updating and get Betas to test from them . So You have Firmware for your devices ready and available for the people using your devices .

OSX was updated , over 2 months ago , and the UH7000 Software was made Non Functional by that Update , Why isn’t there an Update for it ?

Everyone else had updates ready , RME , Zoom , Focusrite, and many others .  They stay with the pace …..

You haven’t .

Simple math .