The Tascam DR70D Successor , Soon to be released DR701D

Must Have .

They did this right , Under the Powder Coating and Rubber is an All Metal Chassis , Yes I said ALL METAL chassis , and Metal Connectors for Line/Headphone/Camera /Timecode >>>> WAIT ????  TIMECODE ??? Yes , I Said Time Code . Full on SMPTE , Wordclock Time Code Jam Sync and Lock .

Oh and umm yeah they Added a couple of HDMI ports to Sync with your DSLR ?  um Yeah >  this , DSLR’s don’t have Time Code , But they do Stream info thru the HDMI Port and what is called RTC and Start Stop data , Which uses the Internal Clock (Date Time )  and I am going to imagine That is what this is for , So a Form of TimeCode for the Modern Filmmaker .  Start and Stop the Recorder FROM the Camera YAY,…. if it works who cares !!!!  But the HDMI Ports are a PAIR , yes , an IN and OUT , so we can guess that there is a Passthru for your External Monitor, THAT (as that HDMI also passes Audio )  THAT can be a huge incorporation into a full Rack type Rig , and Follow Focus gears , and Aperture Gears , and Monitor and Lights , and Batteries , ( ok my shoulder just started to ache thinking down that line )  But Yeah , They have thought about a Key element that makes a piece of gear useful , Integration with your system .

I like the new colours ( Yeah only slightly different , but definitely in the right direction ) Menu knob moved and actually makes more sense where it is , easier to use , The RECORD button Now just a BRIGHT RED button , I like that .

Kept the Locking XLR Connectors ( Very Loud Stadium Cheering sound inserted here )

All Metal Casing …. No Plastic … ( The Metal is hidden under the Coating )

Yeah Tascam …. Just go ahead and Up Your Game …. Go Right ahead , we don’t mind at all !.

Battery Life , hasn’t changed much . Still 4 AA”s  you can’t expect to much , so USB Power is the main source .

Power consumption 6.5 Watts , or 1.3 amps thru the USB Port , So Yeah , BIG Battery pack .

Upgraded Mic Pres , Oh Yeah ….. Now we are talking my language .


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