Ok Apple ,Interface problems galore

On the Laptop , I updated , yep I know .

Focus rite  Pro26 When using the Software control  , Locking up , Tascam UH7000 Locking up with or without ,plus  Software freezing , when Video software is open , and External Monitor for Video , etc etc etc ….. LOOK We are trying to WORK out here not play .

Apple Check with the Pros , and Media People who actually use stuff . Then when an Update rolls out , No one has issues .

At Least I can Use the Focusrite Pro 26 without the Control panel ,  works fine from the Apple System menus , I can select bit rate and depth channels , adjust levels etc . No prob.




Failures of the Music Devices Industry

I mean really , Music player ,…. Portable , Decent Headphone Amp , Lots of storage , and …..Replaceable Battery ……

Oh Wait the Last request isn’t allowed ??   Why not ?   OH You want me to keep buying new things every year !!!

Imagine this , A Portable Music Player with Line out and Separate Headphone out , Optical Digital input , Replaceable Battery(s) (has an add on cartridge as well for extra batteries )  Records and Plays  and you can use it for the next 20 years without a problem .  Literally without a problem , when it dies you WILL have gotten your monies worth out of it and then some .

Illusion ?   , Fake ?  nope ……Plain simple truth .

Imagine if the iPod Classic , 160 Gb , Masterpiece had had , #1 a Decent Head Amp , and a Replaceable battery .  #2 Could last 20 years

Sony MZ-R50  Minidisc Recorder .  1997 , October release in the US ,  I was in my Studio yesterday , ALL Day , working with a Graphics editor on getting some parts of a Promotion video for a Documentary finished , We worked on different things , Overlays , PIP , Moving Maps , transitions all kinds of stuff , My Focusrite Saffire26 was the sound source to my Monitors because my Tascam UH7000 didnt want to cooperate with my Laptop while having an external monitor hooked up for Video . ( Weird )

But , The Saffire Pro26 has lots of inputs , and it was just too quiet to work ALL day without jams . The Graphics girl ( YES dudes a Cool chick doing Digital Manipulations ) asked about some of my previous work .( Hmmm I thought , I have some video stuff on the HDD , but most of my Audio stuff is from before I came to Japan , Over 12 years ago ) I dig thru my Closet , and see my old MD Player /Recorder and a Box of a Bazillion MD’s , looked at the front of the Saffire Pro26 (which has a pair of 1/4 inch line inputs ) , and I grab a patch cable out of my box of goodies and an adapter , plugged in the Sony MZ-R50 to the Newfangled Digital Input device (Said Focusrite Saffire Pro26 !)  and crossed my fingers …..You see I hadn’t fired up the MD in awhile , , a couple of years to be precise …….


Guess what ? ….. we had Jams ,….. all day long …. Never skipped a beat , Sounded just as good as the day I got it ……..

What devices do you have that will be running 20 years from now ?

Amazon Japan

I don’t know why I put myself thru this S#^T .

I  ordered a Lens COD , They Send the WRONG LENS , Caveat , COD already paid and money gone , so Getting that money Back ?

You return the Item ( At your own Expense ) you try to apply for the Bank return ( IN JAPANESE) — Doesn’t work because It won’t accept the TEXT from your ENGLISH computer . So your Account number info and all that Jazz has to be converted into HalfWidth Everything . ( Small man syndrome ?) So since THAT does not work , they hold your money hostage , in an account on Amazon , so are are FORCED to buy from them , Something you may not even want just to get your Stinking Fundage back.

Yeah the Lens in a Previous post I ordered , They Fucked it up . and Fucked up my situation in the process .

Thank you Amazon ……NOT

Interbee 2015 Tokyo

Off to Interbee Technology Show this morning , on display will be all the latest greatest , Stuff , that the Audio / Video / Media industry wants us to buy .

There is a vast difference between Consumer Gear and Commercial gear or Pro level , and even divisions in there as well ,  In this show will be mostly the Production Studio stuff , or Broadcast station related gear . New 4 k , 8 k …and some secret New stuff that they eerrherrm don’t want anyone to know about ( Yeah Right ,…. Why show it then huh ? )


Communications gear , Wireless Body packs , and receivers that are more Cart related instead of Audio Bag …. Like I said , mostly In House gear , but I sorta have to go . Ties you know ,…. Ties …. have to network .

(Update , I have returned With Goodies )

For your Viewing Pleasure


Fuji X20 First Stills

Ok , so the OTHER part of my Yesterday went well , Beside Amazon Screwing up my order and costing me serious time on a project I am doing , The Other part of my day went quite well .

A Bit of Swapping ,Trading , some fund-age and Drinks ,  I now have a Fuji X20 for Stills while my Video cams are running on Stix , I can shoot some Pictures . Nice ones at that .

First still , after getting a grip on the meters and menu (on my way home)


At F2.8 I think , Low light in a Bar , Just the way the Light was coming down caught my eye , And Pow . there it was . I took the Same Shot or close to it with my EOS-M , and a Vintage 30 year old , 35-70mm F4 lens to a decidedly different effect , I took the EOS-M shot first by the way , but here you can see a drastic difference in perception.IMG_0334

Now the Glass was still frosty but , the Background shows a different level of Bokeh and Clarity . I don’t know , what do you think ?

I like them both for different reasons

But a Pocket Camera ( More like Backpack ) that is capable of serious Bokeh ?

Yes …..