Getting older and when stuff doesn’t work

God this past week has been up and down , but when I say DOWN , I mean like God someone Shoot me and put me out of my misery down .

I have injuries which flare up from time to time , and this week one of them did , in my Neck . Pinched nerve and Slipped disc at the Shoulder/Neck  area , and my Right arm was basically immobile and on fire . It hurt so bad it wasn’t funny … ( unless your just into Sadism ) I went to my Chiro/ Acupuncturist yesterday and he work on me for 2.5 hours , But didn’t get the Affected area to break loose , Above , and Below it yes , but not IT .

So I came home still hurting profusely . My Back was in Spasms , Took a bunch of drugs , and passed out ( Legal Prespriction stuff , Get yer head of the entertainment realm for a minute will ya )

Anyway this morning I got some clicks and cracks pops etc and stuff is loosening up . and I feel better .  Still can’t play guitar yet , but need to get there so I can finish a Video I am working on . ( getting old sucks )

That is the DOWN stuff , but there is some UP stuff .

I have been approached about doing a Documentary film about something I actually have some serious affection for .

Craftsmanship …… Oh Yeah , Don’t EVEN get me started on how the Digital Age has destroyed the Handmade community ( You cannot download That thing to your Desktop )  You can however send a payment to Get that thing ON your desktop next TO your Desktop or Laptop , however you surf the web .


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