Review of Korgs AudioGate 3.04

(Update Dec 2015 , Audio Gate 4.01 released , Trying it out now)

Ok 3.04 , was the bad end of a horrible not even B movie ( it was bad ) The rant redacted because >>>>>> Da Da DUUUUUMMM . Drum roll please


Audio Gate 4.01 >…….. Seems to work ! Quite well actually . I deliberately tried to break it .

Plugged in the MR2 to authorise it. It accepted and opened right up with no hassle .( Or Hasselhoff )


I loaded some files , then UNPLUGGED the MR 2 after ejecting it from the system .

Quit Audio Gate and Restarted to see if it would balk like it did before .( Version 3 wouldn’t even open without the device )  NOPE this time is just worked and I was able to edit , and rename files as I wished , Move them , group them convert them etc.  THIS time Audio Gate is working .


If you have and older version Update . It is worth it if your going to use it .

Version 3 was garbage with El Capitan , Yosemite etc , But Version 4+  is working well .




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