The Brave One

Todays Movie , 2007 , Jodie Foster .

In the year it came out it received mixed reviews , and Didn’t do well at the box office . Remake of Death Wish .

Basic Vigilante Justice,,……. Deserved nonetheless but that is what it is .

The Real question , is in 2007 it was a just a remake of another earlier film but from the Female perspective .

In Todays world , Now , 2015 Imagine this movie had just come out .

I can honestly imagine some if not many in the audience of the theatre actually cheering , because the world is sick of hearing Injustice day after day after day after day after day .

But As I have seen all the other films that came before this one ( yes this is actually the first time to see it for me )

I think I will go find something else to do .

Death Wish : Charles Bronson

Death of Loved one , Child .  Beaten half to death , Gets a Gun , Takes revenge .

The Brave one

Death Of Loved one , Beaten half to Death ,Raped , Gets a Gun , Takes Revenge .

Dead don’t lie

But the Props that are used caught my Attention . Jodie is a Radio act , Reporter and Audio Gatherer .

Yes Audio Gatherer … With a Porta Brace Bag , with a Sound Devices 702T recorder in the Bag . .

One of the things on my Wish list for a Long time ……..

I have the PortaBrace Bag …. and a Petrol 607 HAH!  ( wait …. a Guy one upping a girl on Bags ,…. that didnt come out right ……….)

*I think I need a Major Movie project with an Actual Budget to keep me away from the TV , Somebody give me a job .

it would be so nice to have this .

“Strangers Cafe”


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