RODE SmartLav+ And Adapter for TRS inputs

Ok First off let me say this , I did a Movie shoot where Several pieces of my gear got damaged , and BIG Ups to RODE for replacing my NTG3  right in the field . I was still in the Middle of the Shoot and Emailed RODE about my NTG3 crapping out and they got a new one on the way to me right away , That is Customer Loyalty building service .

My Wireless transmitter was also damaged and its Lapel mic , from a Rough scene where the protagonist was being attacked , Oh well … I needed to replace THAT .

And I thought to myself . Wireless in the case of many Under the 1000 dollar range are subject to dropouts and interference in heavily saturated RF and EMI areas  and In Tokyo …… There are more Waves of energy than you can imagine .

So Hardwired is the way to go .

I have the RODE Lav , connected to a Tascam DR10c and it sounds good , period . ( As long as I remember to turn the power on to the Mic each time>>>>)  No Noise , No Dropouts , No Interference , Period . 24 bit 48khz Mono track with RTC time code .

So , I ordered the SmartLav+ and the Adapter , Why the Adapter ?  I want versatility

I Tested the Smartlav+ with my iPhone and a Recording App and was quite pleased with what I heard , but the Adapter allows me to use it with my Video Camera direct , and my Korg MR2 High Definition recorder .

I can Bag the MR2 in a Waist Pouch , and I have whatever recording format I want , I haven’t tested that yet because the MR2 has a no quite so sensitive Mic input ( It Likes a HOT input ) But I tested it with my Video Camera ( Panasonic X900M )  and was Really Happy with what I got , in Fact I had to turn the Mic Gain WAY down to keep from peaking , Quite Clear and Clean signal indeed .  So I will do a brief test of the MR2 sometime today as I am setting up to finish a Video project for a Mic preamp demo I am doing .

But I can say for my Part and experience the Smartlav+ is a Win . Get the Adapter you will be glad you did


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